You Can Begin Again


I don’t know a lot about tragedies, apart from my own and my loved ones struggles, setbacks, and adversity. One thing I know that you can always begin again. You can always start again.

When my parents got divorced it was so hard on both sides; my mom’s and dad’s side. Even before the divorce, when they were separated, it was really sad seeing the family ripped apart. By this time my parents have been married and been together for about 20 years already with six children. So imagine how bad it was for both of them to start all over again.

When my mom left, she didn’t even take all her clothes. She took a few clothes and shoes, her few other documentation and work files, and that’s it. After that she started everything from the scratch. She had her job bank at the time, and of course us, her children. My older sister I think was in freshman college year and I just started secondary school.

Between the periods of separation until the divorce was finalized none of her colleagues knew she was going through very tough times. It was only my closed family members and a few of our neighbors that knew that my parents were about to having a divorce. Even after the divorce my mom kept on wearing her wedding ring, and still using my dad’s name. She did that until all legal issues were sorted out.

I remember how life was very tough for us because of my parents’ separation and divorce. Both my parents started everything over again. After the divorced was finalized, my dad immediately moved from the family house we grew up, because there were too many memories there, it felt empty. He moved to one of his houses in another area, far from where we used to live. He also had to start over again from the scratch. He got married with my step mom, and had two more children with her.

During the separation until the divorce was finalized and everything sorted out, I remember looking at my mom how she was trying to be strong, secretly crying without making a noise. You know sometimes you could just cry silently without opening your mouth, and tears could be coming out of your eyes. I was young, but I still knew this wasn’t right. Moving from a much bigger house to a three room place. Even thought it was one of our parents’ houses, the only one my mom could go because the rest were rented, but we couldn’t occupy all the house; the house had two sections, but one section was rented. In those three rooms, one was the bedroom, one was the kitchen, and one was the sitting room which in the evening  became a bedroom. Let me just tell you, there were more than five people living in those three rooms. And I watched my mom buying one thing at a time; everything all over again on top of that raising us. Continue reading “You Can Begin Again”