There is A Place You’re Going

The Lord Jesus has been recorded saying in the Bible in the Book of John chapter 20 verse 29 that “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

You may be going through some things today, but fix your eyes to where you are going. Whenever you are going or heading be sure to know this; where you are going and what you are going through or have to go through are two totally different things. They may be related, but they are two totally different things. Where you are going is the destination, while what you are going through could be for instance, a road bump on the way. I am sorry, I know it can sound a little negativesh because I have already discussed about these bumps in the road before, but sometimes we can’t avoid discussing about our road bumps because of the important lessons we can learn from them.

What we are going through is not what we are going for, though they may be related. There are some bumps in the road we must go through because they are part of the pathways we have to cross and go through to get to our destinations. And unless we overcome them then we will not go forward.

Maybe not focusing on them, but we should learn from these road bumps as much as we learn when we reach to our destinations, end results goals, or on the rewards of getting where we want to reach or arrive.

Yes, there are so much we learn throughout the journey more than the destination itself. It is during while we are travelling is where the fun and toil is, and the real lessons are. Outcome goals are important because they’re focused on the end result and they help you stay motivated to continue to make progress and achieve those middle process goals. So being focused on the process is great because it’s key to achieving the overall outcome goal.

We are living in the time where a lot of us want the certificate without going through the course, or finishing the course. Fact is that the journey is as important just as the destination. There are great lessons the journey can teach us. And in some situations if we miss on the journey, we miss the destination.

But then again, how we are going to get to our destination when we are stuck in one stop, or one road bump? When the train isn’t coming, and you are stuck in a train station, it could either be you missed it, or there are some kinds of interferences that’s why the train has been delayed, or hasn’t come yet. Usually you will have a choice to just wait, or find another means to get to your destination.

Think about those people who could be waiting for us on the other side. Think about those opportunities that we have been expecting waiting for us on the other side if we could just manage to get there. As long we know our destinations, and we really want to get there, we will find a way to get there.

The same thing when it comes to our dreams and goals, we should have the same mindset that what we are going through will not withstand us, there must be a way. When you have at least a  glimpse of a vision and a goal in place, something to hold on to, even when we don’t know the how yet, but we know the reason why we should get there, the how somehow will represent itself along the way as we keep persevering, persisting, and progressing towards the dream, goal, or destination.

What we are going through should not determine where we are going to, and the outcome of it. Don’t tell yourself “Oh, this is so hard, or it takes so long, I don’t want it anymore.” If you have come this far, you might as well finish this race and reach to the other side.

If you think your goals and dreams are that much important like how important when you think you must get home, or get to work when there are some interferences on the road, then what you are going through will not withstand you. The bumps in the road should not be a reason for you to change your mind. They are there are for a reason; to teach you something, to help you overcome something, but also it could be to help you grow more muscles.

One day one of my sisters and I went to visit a friend, and on the way we got a flat tire. Neither of us knew how to replace a new tire. But luckily we were not that far from a friend’s house that we were going to visit. So we called her to let her know what happened and that we are going to get there late because of the flat tire incident. Good thing her husband was at home that day, so she asked him to come to help us fix the flat tire. If her husband was not at home, maybe he travelled out of the country, another alternative we could have just found another person to fix the flat tire. We had a place we were going to; we couldn’t just be stuck there. But we surely learned something that day; to appreciate the flat tire fixers…hahaha.

Every time I feel tired to post our blog posts for instance, all I have got to do is to look at how far I have come. Concerning YouCount Magazine for example; I keep telling myself, we could be very close to get that one sponsor for YouCount Magazine to kick it to another level. The fact is that all successful people find ways to persevere and win regardless of the situations they maybe in.

One among many things that have helped me to continue this far is that I keep my goals and dreams in mind. The rewards are too attractive; they make me want to push forward. I honestly don’t have all the details, but like the Lord Jesus said in John 20:29, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed,” I just believe there is a better place and level for my dreams and goals that I am heading and going towards to, and soon or later I will get there.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga


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