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There were times in my life where in some days when I read the Bible and in the middle of my Bible reading and studying, I would fall asleep. I would read for a while and in the middle of it I would fall asleep. Okay.., when it comes to books, I have to say I’m still kind of old fashioned. To this day I still like to read paper Bible format. There is something about paper book format that is special to me. I don’t know, maybe I like the feeling of touching that paper…hahaha. When I’m casual reading, or just looking for a Bible passage to recall on something, I would just read using my phone Bible app, or Google online. But when I really want to study, to sit somewhere quiet and study, I usually like to have my Bible with me. So I would read the Bible, but in the middle of my Bible studying time I would just fall asleep. It came a point I got tired of this repeatedly distracting experience. It was after I started praying before I read the Bible, asking God to remove all kinds of distractions, such as mind-wandering and falling asleep so that I could concentrating on reading the Bible things began to change for me. I would pray in the beginning and whenever I would feel sleepy I would say out loud there is Power in the Blood of Jesus, and the sleepiness would go away, and I would be able to concentrate throughout my Bible reading and studying for that day. But also it saved me time and helped me become more productive.

Everybody has the same amount of time, yet some are more productive than others within 24 hours in a day. Just in one day alone we can experience so many distractions in our lives. In days when I find myself being less productive i just know somehow during the day I got distracted with something that took all my time that I should have been more productive. As we all know number one key to help you becoming more productive is to deal with our distractions. And these distractions can come in all kinds of ways, and their purpose is to steal away our time, joy, divert our plans, productivity, and et cetera. So how can we overcome many of our distractions and become more productive?

  • Make effort to eliminate interruptions

You have to make an effort, and if you don’t, sometimes it won’t happen automatically. You need self-discipline to eliminate some interruptions. Identify what are the things that could be bringing you interruptions during the day and how you can solve or eliminate them. Maybe you need to turn off your phone when you are engaging in specific activities and tasks. Maybe you need to lock your door and hang do not disturb sign when you are on the phone with a big client at work. Maybe you need to schedule your days and exact time when to check your emails and social media accounts. You have got to make an effort, especially when it comes to social media nowadays. It could be you need to turn off the internet completely to get some things done. We spend a lot of our time daily on the internet. It’s okay if you are using internet doing productive and important things. But if you don’t put time limit checking your Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, watching videos on YouTube, searching entertainment stuff, and so on, a lot of time could pass you by without even knowing it. If you are like me you have to pray first for God to help you to be able to manage or eliminate some of these interruptions every day so you could focus on important things, then pray. I know I need help.

  • Learn to be organized

It’s time to practice organizational skills…hahaha. Okay, so I am not really an organized person, but I do my best to organize some things in my life especially if they are frequently used things. Not that long ago I realized the importance of being an organized person. I realized even though it’s not my nature, I might as well learn to get organized because the more things in my life are organized the easier it is for me to be able to access them. Another thing that has been proven to reduce people productivity is disorder and clutter in our lives. Find out what areas in your life are disorganized and cluttered, and start organizing them one at time, section after section, area after area, and room after room. Maybe it’s your closet that needs to be organized so that you could be able to spend less time in choosing what to wear during week days to work. Maybe you have so much on your computer or hard disk that needs to be organized in folders. Maybe you need to organize your finances; you have too many things and a lot going on in your financial life.

  • Plan your days

Plan your day on the night before or at the beginning of your day. It will help you save a lot of your time on what you need to do for the day. There is this phrase saying, “If you fail to plan you plan to fail.” Schedule and write down on the piece of paper, notebook, planner, your phone, Google calendar, and so forth what you need to get done for each day. Write down your to do items, tasks, and action plans. Here is the key; prioritize them. You can prioritize them in different ways; maybe you want important things to be done first, so you prioritize your activities according to their importance. Maybe you want to do similar and related tasks first, and then you prioritize them according to similarity. Choose whatever works for you. You want to go somewhere knowing exactly what you are going to do, right? Maybe not exactly, but you kind of have an idea of what you are going to do. So when plan our days it’s the same thing, not only it gives us the direction for the day of what we are going to do, but it helps us become more productive with our time management.

  • Practice Single-Handling technique

The Law of Single-Handling states, “You will only maximize your performance and potential when you discipline yourself to concentrate single-mindedly on the single most important task from beginning to completion without distraction.” And doing this way, you effectively optimize your output and productivity. It is one of the most powerful time management techniques that can help you be more productive and effective in completing and accomplishing your tasks and goals. It suggests that when you start a task, avoid all distractions and keep doing the task until is completed. Many of us think we can be more productive, and save more of our time by multi-tasking. Honestly, it really depends on what kind of tasks and activities. I’m one of those people who like to do multiple things at one time. And I found out it doesn’t work all the time especially when it comes to really important tasks. When it comes to some tasks, I really need to focus and give them my 100 percent attention in order to get them done.

That’s about it, four tips and strategies to help you become more productive in your days.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga


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