You Have More Value to Give Than You Think

So how do you attract people that value you and they want to learn from you, and then buy from you?

Have you ever heard of this phrase saying “Sell them what they want, give them what they need?” And what really this phrase means is that when people are looking for external solution, they are actually looking for an international solution. For instance; when a woman goes go to the mall to buy lets say a black cocktail dress, hahaha, it’s usually not about the dress really, but perhaps it’s about the occasion she is going to, or the internal good feeling she got because of the way that kind of dresses look on her.

If you are going to attract your ideal customer, you have to understand that when people do Google search for something even though they may be looking to buy an external solution, but in reality they are actually and hoping to find an international solution that may be able to fix things that they maybe struggling in their minds, and not only in their physicality.

This is why in business it doesn’t matter how many strategies and training you get, you have got to have the mindset required to support you to do well in your business and what you sell. Inner solutions are important as well just like those of outside solutions to get the overall results.

As someone who is based on personal branding as of right now, it all comes down to this, ‘I get paid based on who I am.” And it took me a little while to realize it that my business is based on me, because you attract who you are and a reflection of you; you attract what you put out and what you are ready for.

Personal branding is about who you are and having a business that is based on you. So in order to be able to positioning yourself into the market, not only you have to know your values you can give to others, but appreciating and accepting them. This will help you to boost your confidence as uniquely as you are, and to be able to positioning yourself as the only one who does what you do. Because the people that are going to value what you offer, or teach for instance, are the people you are going to attract as your ideal customers and clients.

Therefore, it’s important to find out what is valuable about you so you can learn to conveying and communicating it to others to the point they connect with you. When it comes to personal branding for example; the things that differentiate you and the next person that sells what you sell, it’s not only the things that you sell, but it’s who you are.

In marketing there are two kinds of skills that you must use together in order to attract your ideal clients or customers. There are external or hard skills, and internal or soft skills. Continue reading “You Have More Value to Give Than You Think”