You Have More Value to Give Than You Think

So how do you attract people that value you and they want to learn from you, and then buy from you?

Have you ever heard of this phrase saying “Sell them what they want, give them what they need?” And what really this phrase means is that when people are looking for external solution, they are actually looking for an internal solution. For instance; when a woman goes go to the mall to buy lets say a black cocktail dress, hahaha, it’s usually not about the dress really, but perhaps it’s about the occasion she is going to, or the internal good feeling she got because of the way that kind of dresses look on her.

If you are going to attract your ideal customer, you have to understand that when people do Google search for something even though they may be looking to buy an external solution, but in reality they are actually and hoping to find an internal solution that may be able to fix things that they maybe struggling in their minds, and not only in their physicality.

This is why in business it doesn’t matter how many strategies and training you get, you have got to have the mindset required to support you to do well in your business and what you sell. Inner solutions are important as well just like those of outside solutions to get the overall results.

As someone who is based on personal branding as of right now, it all comes down to this, ‘I get paid based on who I am.” And it took me a little while to realize it that my business is based on me, because you attract who you are and a reflection of you; you attract what you put out and what you are ready for.

Personal branding is about who you are and having a business that is based on you. So in order to be able to positioning yourself into the market, not only you have to know the values you can give to others, but appreciating and accepting them. This will help you to boost your confidence as uniquely as you are, and to be able to positioning yourself as the only one who does what you do. Because the people that are going to value what you offer, or teach for instance, are the people you are going to attract as your ideal customers and clients.

Therefore, it’s important to find out what is valuable about you so you can learn to conveying and communicating it to others to the point they connect with you. When it comes to personal branding for example; the things that differentiate you and the next person that sells what you sell, it’s not only the things that you sell, but it’s who you are.

In marketing there are two kinds of skills that you must use together in order to attract your ideal clients or customers. There are external or hard skills, and internal or soft skills.

Hard or external skills are what you do, or you vividly sell or market. For instance, maybe you an accountant; you went to business school and you got yourself an accounting degree. You have been working as an accountant for more than 2 years now, therefore, you have accounting skills of some kind. Accounting is what you do, you provide accounting solutions. When you go to an interview to sell yourself, you sell your accounting skills, right? Maybe you are a columnist. For several years you have been working in various renowned newspapers and magazines, so you have developed incredible writing skills. To others will be they have extensive experience and skills in social media industry and area, therefore they sell their expertise to businesses that are struggling in marketing themselves well on social media. You are a musician perhaps, and singing is what you do, songs are what you sell.

Do you know though there could be so many columnists, accountants, social media experts, and singers? But what will be able to distinguish you from others, to attract your ideal customers, to make them come to you and not others, to make them select you, is your connection with them, your uniqueness; how you do it, express it, your deliverance style and creativity.

Do you remember that phrase earlier, “Sell them what they want, give them what they need?” Now, what you have sold them is what they wanted, the external solutions, or the hard skills. But what they really need is the internal solutions, or the soft skills. Within your external or hard skills, there are always internal or soft skills to help you distinguish you brand and your business from the rest. It is your soft skills and internal skills that help your ideal customers be able to identify with you.

We all happen to see the world in a different way. We may all be writers and authors, but we have got different stories, testimonies, and come from different backgrounds. We maybe both teachers, and if one day we happen to teach the same exact subject, probably the way you would deliver it would be different the way I would deliver it. Maybe you are funnier than me, so you will share some jokes while you are teaching it. Maybe you would speak in the language that they can understand more.

So it’s the little things, the extra things, and maybe intangible that can make the difference. Maybe they like the way you talk, behave, or think. Maybe you have overcome this major life challenge that they are going through, or you have different characteristics about your personality, your accent or the language that you use, your outlook about life; all of these can be your soft or internal skills that are attractable to your ideal customers and clients to make them choose you.

Many of us struggle in our marketing strategies because we only apply the hard and external part, and leave out the internal and softer one. And I understand, we hold back because we don’t want to be judge of who we really are. We feel ashamed because maybe we don’t want people to see and know who we truly are. We don’t want to share our vulnerability, so we only expose only the ones we want to expose.

But if you are going to attract your ideal clients to the point where they get to relate with you, and only you, you have to put yourself out there, you have to share your internal skills as well as your external or technical skills. Through your internal and soft skills are where your unique values are. When you can fully understand your values, it will help you how to fully market yourself.

Our individual characters and personalities, struggles, our experiences about life, and all the lessons we have learned so far, they are what make us more super valuable. And since we have fought hard to learn those lessons, they can become the value we give and teach others. They can become our internal and soft skills.

Reality is, when people Google about ‘how to build a successful business from ground up,’ depending on their circumstances, if a customer happened to be a woman with a family of her own, she will select or a business couch who resembles her, or a business that happens to have experts who resemble her; she will choose someone who has kids like her, so that she can get all the advice and instructions not only how to build the actual business, but also how to be able to raise kids, be a good wife and mother, and yet build a successful business at the same time. The same thing goes with someone who wants to get better in public speaking but also want to know how to be confident while doing it, they will relate more to the standpoint of people who had self-confidence issue like him or her, and have turned out to be very good in public speaking.

That’s why storytelling is very important in business. Most successful people in business use storytelling to attract and relate to many of their customers. People don’t just want to buy not only what you sell on the surface, but also the underneath of the solutions. It will be your story that you are selling. Therefore, the more you learn to apply your soft and internal skills into your hard and external skills, the more you will be able to market yourself way better. That’s why it’s important to have the business that you love and is in-line with your values, personalities, and et cetera, so that you can be able to share and use all of you to market yourself.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga



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