Building Your Brand

Building your brand image is about having a lifelong relationship with your loyal customers. Building a brand is not something that happens overnight. It takes time to build durability in order to last in the market sector and industry. It takes time to connect with your customers in the most effective way possible for them to be able to experience ripple effect of your brand products and services, and all the value and benefit that your business will be offering and providing them.

That’s why you need to go into business with a long-term mission. Don’t go into business with short-term intentions, there are no quick schemes and results when it comes to building your brand. All these famous big and amazing brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, Nike, Adidas, EBay, Amazon, and Facebook for instance, they all have a reputation for something and it took them awhile to achieve that reputation.

Depending on the nature of your business, it can take you a really long time to figure out how to reach your audiences, customers, or clients, and learning what really works well for your business to get to the point not only you are making a great impact, but you are making profit as well. Things grow and change. Customers’ behaviors also change in time. Even so, what you are doing now, and how you may be conducting your business can be subject to change in the next two, three, five years to come.

Maybe before we continue, what is a brand? Well, a brand or your brand is how people perceive you whenever they interact with you or your business. It’s how you or your business appears to the world. It’s what your business stands for, the image, and the reputation you have built over the years concerning your business, its products and services. Your brand is made up with everything you do as a business; the name of your business, your website, your social media profiles, the logo, slogan, the vision and mission, your story and message, the quality and kind of products and services you provide, the packaging, the customer service, your way of communicating, your style of deliverance or how you conduct your business, and so forth.

Therefore there are things you have got to put in check to help you build your brand and be more recognized. In the beginning perhaps there are going to be a lot to learn, but eventually as you keep going you will figured out which lessons to implement into your business to help you develop a better understanding of what your customers want and how to exceed their expectations.

  • It’s about authenticity

It really is. Your brand should be a reflection of who you are. You have to be close to who you are, what you want, and how you want it. If your business is not based on personal branding, and it doesn’t have to do with marketing yourself and your career as a brand, then whatever your business is about, it has to stay close to your business vision, mission, values, and what you want to achieve and impacting, and how you are going to do it as a business entity.

The more authentic you will be, the longer you will last. Focus on what you do best and offer an authentic experience and solution to your customers. Focus on the value and benefit that you can give to your customer that is relevant. It’s through your authenticity is where you are able to be different and distinguish yourself from other brands. So in order to withstand the test of time, your brand message needs to be true to who you are as a company. Because you can only be who you are for a really long time, so don’t try to be something you are not.

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  • It’s about storytelling

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The secret of successful people or businesses is in their stories. You have got to have a story to back up your brand. You have got have a brand story that can give an internal and soft value to your customers. Storytelling is powerful. Your story can emotionally connect your customers to you, more than your services and product features can…hahaha.

As humans, we respond well and more to stories. In the Bible, many times, The Lord Jesus used stories or parables to reveal to us about what God is like and His Kingdom is like, but also to teach us about life great lessons and principles. People don’t easily forget stories, especially if they are somewhat teaching something worthwhile to learn.

Customer buying behaviors and decisions are more affected by their emotions, personal feelings, and experiences than product information and features. You have to understand that your brand is competing with a lot of other brands in the market. So it’s about building a human connection with your customer to make them pick you and not other brands. So your brand has got to have a story.

Artists know that even good or excellent products need to be backed up by a good story…hahaha. When artists craft their master pieces, they usually tell stories. It may look like just a picture, or song, or dance, but usually they will be telling some kind of story. So to be their customers you have got to connect to the story.

  • It’s about giving value and benefit

After all that’s one of the reasons why you started your business; to serve, give value, solution, benefit, make a good impact, change the world, and so on. You have got to offer the greatest amount of value you possibly can everywhere you brand get to be presented. Customers have got to be able to identify your brand when they see your content or product and say, “Ooh, of course, I know I was not going to be disappointed. Money well spent.”

Another thing that is going to make your customer choose your product or service, and whether it’s best fit for their needs and wants, apart from the emotional connection, is the value and benefit they can get from it. But also the quality of your products and services can help distinguish your brand from the rest. The quality of your contents can help you build good brand reputation.

Walt Disney has been quoted saying, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” Successful brands spend their money to build quality products and services that provide customer satisfaction. When you focus on creating the best customer experience through your services and products; it will help you get a positive word of mouth for your business. Improving your services and products’ features is something you are going to want to monitor on an ongoing basis, and improve upon whenever and wherever possible.

  • It’s about online and offline presence

You have got to put yourself out there. Focus on networks that are relevant to your target audience and start getting social. When it comes to building your brand and networking with your customers combine both online and offline experiences. There are other brands that are competing for your customers’ attention, therefore you need both online and offline presence to be able to market yourself successfully.

You have got to have a website to help you build your personal brand. Your website can be a place where people can find more information about you and your business, and they can find your portfolio, and get to know about your crafts.

Literally it feels like the world is moving into social media…hahaha. Therefore you have to build online presence on social media profiles to connect with your customers, and potential customers. You have to make sure your social media profiles present you in the best way possible and make you look professional.

But you can also build your brand visibility and get yourself invited in TV, Magazine, and Radio appearances and interviews, or other online platforms like online Podcasts in your areas of expertise. Collaborate with other key influencers so that you can be able to connect with their audiences.

Successful brands understand what their customers want and find opportunities to deliver a memorable experience to them through offline presence. Public speaking engagements are excellent ways to develop your brand’s visibility through offline presence. If you are looking to build your brand, and you are your own spokesperson, speaking engagements are opportunities to be seen and heard and make connection with your customers.

Start small, and keep building. Attend local events in your industry. Host a small luncheon. Create your own workshops in your community. These events and gatherings will help you get your brand known not only to your potential customers but other key influencers in your industry. And as you continue you will eventually get invited to speak at bigger and more notable events and conferences.

  • It’s about keep on growing

You have got to grow as much as your business and brand grows. Like I mentioned before it takes time to build your personal brand, and since things evolve and change, therefore you have go to stay current and relevant. No matter how well you know your industry or area of expertise, you have to remember that things are changing at a faster rate than ever before, so you have to stay up-to-date with the latest changes in order to last longer and stay on top of your game.

The last thing you want to do as entrepreneur for instance is to remain stagnant. You have to constantly looking into learning new things, developing new skills, and expanding your knowledge especially in your area of expertise. The fact is you are the reflection of your brand, so you got to keep growing as well.

As you begin to grow yourself, your brand will also grow, and your opportunities will grow. People will begin to see that you know what you doing and talking about and they will start inviting you to collaborate with them. You become the talk of the town…hahaha.

That’s it friends; those are my key takeaways on building your brand.

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