Two Most Commonsense Habits That Will Help You Succeed In Life

This is not something that I am proud to share, but there was a time I was having hard time to adjust to arrive early to work. I have a background of both non-profit and for profit experiences. Anyway, in this one organization that I used to work for, in the beginning we had work hours flexibility. Before they made changes, if we could come to work around 9 to 9:30am there was no issue, and because of that for a while I had this morning routine that I have established for myself and with it I managed to arrive to work just in time during those hours. But it came a time we got this new manager and she demanded us to come at 8 am sharp each work day. She even made every employee clock in on this counter book and made us write what time we came in and sign our signatures each day. So in the beginning it really affected me, because I wasn’t consistent with it.  I had hard time to adjusting to it because I didn’t want to give up all the things I was doing in the morning before I came to work. I tried to force everything, even after working up early at 4 am sometimes I will found myself falling asleep on my home office desk and realize its already 7am, and I have one hour left to get ready and make sure I arrive to work on time.  And it was bad because it ended up affecting my PDP review that year. Eventually after the bad review, I forced myself to change my entire morning routine that I was doing so that I could come very early to work by 8 am.

  • Being on time

Even though I am a very hard working person, but in the morning, I kind of move slow, if you know what I mean. My brain starts to actively and effectively functioning at the earliest maybe around 10 am or 11 am, therefore it made sense for me to come at 9:30 am. So the morning time is good time for me to have maybe meetings, responding to emails, but not to prepare invoices, purchasing orders, or preparing payments online to vendors and something like that. I don’t want to accidentally put wrong amounts, or make wrong calculations because at the end of the month it doesn’t balance we have another extra work and effort to find out why and where it could be wrong. Usually I would do my important tasks before I leave the office during the afternoon and evening, sometimes even stay a little bit late, and the next morning I would have them ready on my work desk to be approved by the director.

But through that experience and transition I have learned very important lessons and the need to be on time and being early, not just getting to work early, but during meetings, when attending events, or going to interviews, and so on. It can tell a lot about our work and professional ethics. Continue reading “Two Most Commonsense Habits That Will Help You Succeed In Life”