Be Like Little Children

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Now, let just share with you what I sent our awesome Helen Majaga International newsletter subscribers in the month of November.

I have several questions I would like to ask you;

Who are the most active people on earth?

Who are those who get the most pleasure out of simple things?

Who are the most optimistic people on earth?

Who are the most persistent human beings on earth?

What about the most curious ones; the best question askers on the planet earth?

Who are most observant people you can ever find?

What about the blameless beings on earth?

Who are the best learners of all times?

Who are those who make the most astonishing associations and original associations?

What about quick to forgive and forget?

Who are the most faithful and honest human beings?

Who are the most trusting, obedient, and easy to correct?

Who are most believing beings?

And the answer is Little Children. Continue reading “Be Like Little Children”