Be Like Little Children

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Now, let just share with you what I sent our awesome Helen Majaga International newsletter subscribers in the month of November.

I have several questions I would like to ask you;

Who are the most active people on earth?

Who are those who get the most pleasure out of simple things?

Who are the most optimistic people on earth?

Who are the most persistent human beings on earth?

What about the most curious ones; the best question askers on the planet earth?

Who are most observant people you can ever find?

What about the blameless beings on earth?

Who are the best learners of all times?

Who are those who make the most astonishing associations and original associations?

What about quick to forgive and forget?

Who are the most faithful and honest human beings?

Who are the most trusting, obedient, and easy to correct?

Who are most believing beings?

And the answer is Little Children.

I sometimes think about little children and I can’t imagine that I used to be like them. We all have been little children before. We may not remember it how we were when we were very young, but every one of us somehow knows how little children behave perhaps by observing our own children, or nieces and nephews, and so on.

So just like you, I also used to be like those little children as described above. But then I asked myself, ‘what happened?’ And the answer is life happened…hahaha. And it’s because as we grow up things change, right? We are constantly being pressured about reality…hahaha.

Even though we can’t go back to being little children, but we can surely learn from them again. And its every important because in the Bible in the book of Mark chapter 10 verse 15, The Lord Jesus said, “Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the Kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.” Another translation says, “I tell you as seriously as I know how that anyone who refuses to come to God as a little child will never be allowed into His Kingdom.”

All those questions I have asked describe the attributes that little children have. They are outstanding attributes. God is a Father, and we are His children. And the picture that we need to relate to Him as a Father is of little children. Not as grownups, or teenagers, hahaha…He wants us to go to Him as little children.

Do you remember when we were young, and how we looked to our parents for guidance, provision, protection, correction, and so forth? It’s the same thing when you go to God and looking up to Him as a Father. We have to believe that He exists first, but also He is a faithful God and Father, He is able, He loves us, and He cares enough for everything concerning us.

Just as we depended on our parents and guardians when we were children, we need to depend on God. Just as we listened and trusted our parents for provision and protection, we need to do the same when it comes to our relationship with God. And even though God is Spirit, He uses different mechanisms to care for us, to guide us, to protect us, loves us, and et cetera. Many times He will use other people to represent Him.

I remember this one time when I was in a foreign land. And I was stuck at this bus stop. It was in the night and very cold, and I was all by myself. I got scared so I started praying on my mind, “Oh God, please I need you. Make the bus come, I want to go home, I’m scared, and things like that.” As I was praying suddenly I looked on my left, there was this man sitting on the same bench about the same age of my father. So I greeted him and then the bus showed up. I stood up, as I was about to walk to enter the bus, this man said to me, “God loves you.” And I looked at him as I was entering the bus and even as the bus was leaving I was still looking at him. It was strange. I didn’t even know him. I mean, that is just one example. I have many other examples, strange examples of how I knew it was God communicating with me through other people; the people He placed in my life, sometimes strangers, hahaha.

You see I have been hurt a lot; just like you perhaps, I have been used, mistreated, betrayed, ignored, disappointed, and so on. It’s hard sometimes to act like a little child, not just to God, but to life as well. But I’m grateful that God has been dealing with me patiently with my scars and wounds that have been causing some of my sickness…hahaha. Because depression, anger, complaining, the act of isolating yourself, shame; all of these are symptoms of our inner wounds that we need to be healed by God.

So I have been learning to be like a little child again. I have been learning to forgive and letting go. I have been learning to believe again and persisting. I have been learning to trust God and the process. And I believe soon enough I will able to trust people again, at least my loved ones because it has been a serious block for me. Yes, I have issues of trusting others. It’s just because I have been disappointed over and over again with the ones I’m supposed to trust. But God has been showing me that we are all human beings and we all make mistakes. I also make mistakes; therefore I have to learn to forgive so I can also be forgiven. As we forgive, forgiveness can be a remedy and cure for our disappointments, and a platform to move forward and to learn to trust again.

If we want to enjoy God, life, and each other, we need to be acting like little children. They are our good example of how to live this gift called life. Truth of the matter is that nobody knows how to live like a little child. Nobody enjoys life and present moments like a little child. Nobody embrace more the simple pleasures of life like little children.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga


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