Change What You Think and Say Exercise

Never say you can’t do something, and instead ask yourself how can I do it? Or say, God will make a way. I have shared before that there is a power in our spoken words and our thoughts. Usually our words and thoughts can become reality. What we think and say about ourselves can create our real world. So for example; if you know you can’t afford something, and you keep thinking and saying I can’t afford it all the time, guess what? Your mind will somehow become dormant yielding to what you say or think, and eventually your actions will also act the same.

This is why many experts advise us to intentionally speak and say what we want to see in our lives. Because whatsoever we sow, even the wrong words we may reap. So instead of saying ‘I can’t afford it, ask yourself, ‘how can you afford it?’ It will cause your mind to be open to the possibilities, and your mind will go to work to start thinking of the ways to help and get you to afford it. Somehow you will find yourself be able to afford it; it may come as a gift, or an opportunity to make money to afford it maybe as an idea or knowledge of how can afford it and something like that. Think about it; all you need is an idea, and if it would tick off, you can make money through your idea.

To some of us if we could only change what we constantly say to ourselves and what we dominantly think so that our dominant thoughts and words could align of what we would like to see in our lives, many things could change for us.  We need to change the way you think and say or in other words we need to change our ideas…hahaha.

Prophecy to yourself of what you want to see in your life. If you constantly saying you will never be rich, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, so don’t be surprised when it happens. We need to be mindful on what we say and think.

If you want to be rich, spend your time studying and learning what rich people think, say, and do, and then start practicing and implementing it in your own life too. Why would you want to spend most of your time learning on something you don’t want anyway? That’s why it’s no secret, the reasons why most of us study successful people is because we want to be like them too.

Speak and think about what you want and not about what you don’t want. If you go through the hardest time you don’t like, don’t think or talk about it constantly. This is what I have realized, the more I keep dwelling on my problems, the more they expand…hahaha.  What we think and say has the power to make us well or remain to be sick, help us to succeed or continue to struggle, so we choose.

Let’s say you have issues at your workplace, and you want things to turn around for you. Maybe you have lost enthusiasm and you are not optimistic anymore with your job. You feel overwhelmed by it; maybe it has to do with the workplace. So you really want things to change for you. Perhaps you have noticed nowdays instead of saying you cannot wait to get back to work next week, you keep wishing if you could take some days off.

So what you can do is to write the opposite of what you feel in a clear and positive way, and start declaring it until you believe it. To do this “Change What You Think and Say Exercise” is very simple. You can use a cute journal, notebook, or type on a word document.  Create a table of two columns, or just draw a line down the middle on one of the pages. On the left side, write “Things I don’t want or like about my job,” and on the right side write “How can I change it?” See example below;

Things I Don’t Want

1. I hate my job
2. They under pay me
3. It’s too far from home
4. My colleagues are negative
5. My employer doesn’t appreciate me
6. I dread going to work

How Can I Change It?

1. I love my job
2. I make plenty of money
3. My commute is easy
4. My colleagues are friendly
5. My employer is very supportive
6. I get excited about going to work

And what it does is it helps you to identify your problem and what is it you really want in a more clarity and positive way. Then you will know what you need to start thinking, saying, and declaring. I read this quote the other day and it said “Your dream job does not exist. You must create it.” So as you keep thinking and saying what you would like to see instead of your current reality, and prophesying what it can be at the same time begin to line up with your words and back up with actions, things may change for you. You will begin to attract perhaps a new and better job, who knows, maybe decide to change your career, and so on to fulfill your desires.

Therefore, talk and think about what you want, because you will get what you expect. You can do this exercise for all issues in all areas of your life such as health, ideal partner and your love life relationships, family, career, ideal customers and clients, business referrals, financial, education, friendship, vacations, and so on. Go through one issue at a time. Ask yourself these questions to each issue; “What do I want?” “What can be for me if things would change?”

In the Bible in the book of Mark chapter 11 verse 24, it says that when you pray, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. If we believe what we are praying and saying, and if it aligns with the Word of God, and His will for us, The Lord Jesus said it will be ours. The only instruction He said on verse 25 is that “And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your trespasses.” Basically in other words it says, expect to receive and God will deliver, but also walk in love.

If you believe, then you are going to get the results according to what you believe. So speak and think of what you would like to see. If you know it is God’s will for us to prosper, why don’t you speak prosperity to yourself. God maybe concerned of how we get our prosperity, but it doesn’t mean He doesn’t want us to prosper.

So give attention to what you want because what you focus on expands. Make a vision board or a dream and goals book, and look at it constantly. Sometimes your need feed your mind with the images to create the mental picture of what you are affirming and declaring out loud each time to make what you speak to yourself to become dominant thoughts in your mind.

But pray also. Involve God as you keep affirming positively and thanking Him in advance for what He is going to deliver to you. And remember that how God is going to deliver it is His concern; your job is to believe and be in the receiving mode…hahaha. God is not like us; He is not limited. He can decide to operate inside or outside our boxes. The Bible says His ways are higher than our ways. This means His thinking also is higher than our thinking. His mind is far beyond extraordinary. In the book of Isaiah chapter 55 verses 8 and 9, it says “For His thoughts are not our thoughts, nor are our ways His ways.” “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are His ways higher than our ways, and His thoughts than our thoughts.”

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