Wants and Needs

I recently watched this Valentine’s holiday movie online called “Valentine’s Again.” It tells that it was Valentine’s Day, and this main character lady was already successful in her career and she was also trying to make it in her love life. And as she was going to work that day, on her way accidentally she met another character lady on the street which later on she came to discover this old lady was an angel, a fairy godmother kind of thing. The movie began by showing first her entire day; starting with her morning routines, and then on her way to workplace, and her date with her online Valentine’s Day date that she went in the evening which unfortunately ended up not going so well because they were somehow incompatible. But the next morning when she woke up, the movie shows that it was Valentine’s Day again. She started noticing it when she woke up with the same TV show program that she switched on; receiving the same text message concerning her date during the evening and she began to encounter the same people, same situations and events. She discovered that things were a little bit strange and eventually she realized she woke up to her yesterday, on the same Valentine’s Day…hahaha. Just like last time, on her way to her workplace she met the angel old lady again. But this time they got to talk a little and this angel gave her a little advice. The next day after, it was yesterday Valentine’s Day again…hahaha. As usual things repeatedly themselves; same routines, same people, same circumstances, and so on. She met the old woman angel again, they talked, and this time the angel told her she was a fairy godmother and is there to help her to find her soul mate. She told her what she has been looking for and wanting is not what she needs. She also said to her sometimes what we want is not what we need. So the angel told her she will continue to wake up on the same Valentine’s Day until she finds her soul mate. There was a man that is supposedly to be her soul mate and is what she needs and she should be looking for. And if she looks on her day very closely, this man is there, she just has been passing him by on this Valentine’s Day. So she was on assignment to find out who is this man. Basically she didn’t have any other choice if she didn’t want to be stuck on this one day Mafioso….hahaha, because she needed to move on with her life. So she went on dating each of the men she encountered on that day from the moment she got out from her residential place to the places she passed through, from home to her workplace, up to the end of each day. For each day she woke up she went on date with one of the men on that day. At the end of the movie, with the help of the angel lady, she finally knew who her soul mate was. And once she found who he was, she had another challenge to find a way to communicate with him until they connect. One day she woke up and it wasn’t a Valentine’s Day, but the next day. And she was very excited because she knew she had passed the test or the challenge. She knew she has finally connected to her soul mate and her significant other. She now can move on with her life.

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So my point of sharing this movie and story is this; sometimes we may have faith and get according to what we asked for, but then we realize later on what we asked for or we thought we wanted is not really what we need in our lives. It’s possible that there are some things that we care about and pray to God about, but God knows it’s not really His best for us. Sometimes God doesn’t allow some things that we plan in our lives to succeed even after we asked Him to help us succeed, maybe because He knows we are going wrong directions, or those things will lead us to places that we will eventually have to make a detour and that’s why perhaps He doesn’t allow them to succeed to save us from the unnecessary troubles ahead.

We also have learned that there are some situations in our lives that we may not like that will keep re-occurring and continue to be repeatedly in our lives unless we find out the reasons behind them. Perhaps there are some things about ourselves in our lives that we need to change, or do some things right or in a different way. Or maybe we just need to meet the right people that we should meet for them to stop re-occurring just like we have learned from this movie and story.

There is this saying, “We can’t keep doing the same things repeatedly and expect different results.” We need to ask ourselves; ‘why do we continue to meet and date similar kind of people of the same resemblance?’ ‘Why do we continue to experience these experiences and events that they look as if they are never going to end?’ ‘Is there something we are supposed to learn about from these re-occurrences so that we could move forward?’

From this movie, this main character lady had to change her perspective from what she wanted and adjust to what she really needed in her life. And after she had an encounter with this character man that was supposed to be her soul mate, she had a different perspective on how she perceived love. She also found out she wasn’t really happy at her current job because it’s really not what she wanted…hahaha. At the end of the movie she basically found herself.

I somehow understand now what Apostle Paul said in the Bible in the book of Philippians chapter 4 verses 19 which says, “But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” After a series of unsuccessful financial endeavors in my past, I realized it’s not about just having money; because we can ask God for money we want and then get the money but yet end up not doing anything of significance with it. I heard this advice from this wonderful godly woman that we should be purposefully when it comes to asking and presenting our requests to God. For example in the financial area; when we ask in prayer, we need to ask God for significance money to accomplish significant things. Or in other words we need to ask God significant money for significant accomplishments in our lives. This way not only we ask God for significant amount of money, but also ask Him to empower us with the help we need to use it for significant things so that we can accomplish significantly in our lives. So the significance is what will make the difference.

There is nothing wrong to want something, but do we want it for the sake of wanting it? Because the fact is that you are the one who has to live with the significant other for the rest of your life…hahaha. You are the one who has to put up with long work hours when you choose that career…hahaha. You are the one who has to keep up with the paparazzi, deal with fame, or accommodate a certain kind of lifestyle…hahaha.

So sometimes what we think we want, we usually don’t need. So maybe instead of us asking what do we want, we should ask what do we need in our lives to continue to grow, thrive, and live fulfilled lives, personally and professional, basically in all areas of our lives; our spiritual, mental, physical, relational, financial, and in our overall health and well-being.

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Helen Majaga


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