When God Intervenes

Often we will make our own plans, and sometimes God will interrupt some of those plans, and usually is for own best and prosperity. The Lord Jesus said in the Bible in John 10:10 “I came so they might have life, a great full life.”

Today I would like to introduce you Author Jean V John, on her debut book “When God Intervenes” (published by Author House UK) sharing her testimony and experience of how God worked in her life during a stressful time and encouraging others who are in difficult situations.

The book shares how an encounter with God led her to begin using her home to care for people mental illnesses. John talks about the success she had and the passion and concern she felt for them. She also details the hardships, persecution, negative influences and challenges she come across from discouraging people. Rather that dissuading her, those people caused her to build the Wayside Community Centre in Hackney London’s East End.

John hopes her book motivates people to be positive and “throw off the negative beliefs they have of themselves” so they can “seek the hidden treasures they carry.”

When God Intervenes

By Jean V John

Softcover | 5 x 8 in | 94 pages | ISBN 9781524678944

E-Book | 94 pages | ISBN 9781524678951

Available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Copies can also be purchase from the Author.

About the Author

Jean V John is the founder of the Wayside Community Centre in Hackney, East London. Over the years she has volunteered in several organizations in Hackney, Leyton, Walthamstow and Islington. She is a fully accredited local preacher in the Methodist Church. John has been featured in her local Hackney Gazette and the Voice Newspaper for winning the award of the year for her work in the community. She was also included on the Channel 4 program, “You deserve this House.” More information is available at: www.jeanvjohn.com

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Helen Majaga



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