Thank You and Welcome!

Very recently I just realized we haven’t official welcome our current subscribers, followers, readers, listeners, customers, etc.

Thank you for subscribing and following us. Welcome Aboard!

My name is Helen Majaga and I am a founder of Helen Majaga International. I want to take a moment to first personally thank you for joining us.

Please visit our Story page if you would like to know a little bit more of how we started. In brief, we are an internationally recognized brand that inspires personal and professional growth.

Because you have joined us, I want to lay out a few things you might find useful, helpful, or interesting for you to get the most out of Helen Majaga International.

Membership Program
Join Helen Majaga International Membership monthly subscription program. When you sign up each month we will send you an email with free digital downloads as a part of package for this Membership Program. These downloads may include a new release of YouCount Quarterly Magazine, eBooks, Videos and MP3s, and our ongoing series.

We are living in an era of complexity and changing world where we need more hope than ever. Therefore, here at Helen Majaga International, we are ambassadors of giving hope to those who need it. We focus on the solution giving, but also deliver the hope and peace of mind that we necessary need to live our best lives.

Partner with Us
We also have a various ways you can partner with us. Share and let your friends, colleagues, or family members know about us, our products and services. Subscribe, follow, like, comment, and connect with us on YouTube, Google+, Facebook Page, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter. Contact Us if you would be interested in becoming an advertising sponsor and promoting your products, services, or events, on Helen Majaga International and our quarterly YouCount Magazine. We welcome your testimonials and feedback. Your testimonials are greatly encouraging to us.

Weekly Blog Posts
We post a great ideal amount of informative articles on our blog page once a week. We also share on our blog page once a week Live to Your Full Potential Podcast through our YouTube channel to inspire you to tap into your greatness within and energize you with step-by-step instructions that will motivate you to live to your full potential. Our blog is updated with all the latest information about what’s happening at Helen Majaga International. Follow us to receive our weekly new posts directly to your email.

Running Helen Majaga International is an honor and pleasure for me and I want this official welcoming to come from me. If you have questions, comments or concerns you can send them right to us at our Contact page.

We are here to inspire both you and us, to live our best lives. Thank you again for signing up and subscribing. Welcome to the tribe!

To your success,

Helen Majaga


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