Somebody Sent Us a Question

And I almost deleted without reading it because it was on spam comments section…hahaha.

The question was or is, this person wants to start a blog to share and write her or his experiences, and therefore wants to know how I got to established a successful blog. Basically this person wants to know how she or he can start operating a successful blog herself or himself.

First I would like to say thank you; it’s a compliment to me for someone to see and recognize my craft and the impact it has. Thank you; whoever you are. I’m grateful for noticing that.

Well, right now at this stage, I don’t look at blogs and websites, as just blogs and websites. I look at them as platforms and business tools, just like any other businesses tools that we use for online and offline businesses to get business done in so many ways. When I first started, I didn’t have much knowledge compare to what I know now, the blog I had was a platform where I just wanted to cultivate my hobby and gift.

And we really do not have that many posts to immediately refer you to help you with your journey and answer your question in a way it can practically help you. But I don’t mind to refer you to other blogs and websites such as Mostly Blogging dot com where they might be able to help you much more than we can as of right now because that’s their specialized niche and they have a lot to offer on blogging tips.

Mostly Blogging dot com even has a book about how to grow a successful blog. Even though they have much in store to answer this specific question, but come back to us if you would like to be energized weekly with step-by-step instructions to motivate you to live up to your full potential, in your personal and professional growth. We also have so much in store to help you with your journey that may not be targeting specifically to your question. Stick with us, and you will be able to recognize the difference and impact we may have on your success. We work first from the inside perspective, but then you get to decide what that look for you on the outside.

When I first started blogging, nine or ten years ago, I started my first ever blog called YouCount because I wanted to explore my writing skills. I just found out I could write poems that inspire after one of them inspired one of my cousins, but I also had so much on my chest that I thought was valuable to share, so that was enough to get me pumped up to start a blog. You can read more of our story here.


So I kept on writing, and I ended up having two blogs, where one of them turned to a wonderful online ministry, it was called Grace Abounds International. But I really didn’t have a big growth plan to make a transition to make it a profitable ministry and business. So much was demanded of me, on top of that also, a full-time demanding job on my plate. As much as I loved how Grace Abounds International was making a good impact on my subscribers, but I got stranded and it made me very frustrated because I wanted it to make progress and grow to a real ministry and business entity, and I didn’t know how to do it. So I made a decision to take a break and basically quit.

One year later, the desires came back to me again. I felt like it was the Lord was leading me to do it, my desires were very strong. And I finally realized quitting was a wrong decision that I made previously; because I had to start from scratch all over again. By this time I still didn’t have any big plan. So I started writing and sharing my experiences; I just wanted to write again. But I remember telling myself, this time I want different results, somehow opportunities will represent themselves and I will figure out things as I go. So I kept on writing, blogging, seeking, searching, and asking on Google search engine so many “how to” questions…hahaha. I stumble to other blogs, websites, and entities that I got to learn a lot from them. I kept on asking myself what I really want and how can I improve this second time round, but also praying to God for help, to give me ideas and reveal His plans for me. It took me all that to figure out and get Helen Majaga International where we are today. And I believe we are getting better than where we first started.

You also, perhaps you can start with what you have right now on hand, on your mind, and then use that to create your platform, and thrive daily on getting better and improving yourself. Keep asking yourself what is it you want to be your end goal. My issue is that I wanted to grow what I had, but I didn’t have a big clear picture or big end goal of what that looks like. It was a process of discovery for me. So whenever you ask yourself, use what you will come up as a draft for your vision and mission. As you continue, and keep on blogging, you will get to discover what you really want and get clear on your vision of what you want to achieve from your blog.

The key is that, just start blogging. You have to start somewhere. You said you have experiences and knowledge you would like to share. Then that is a good start. If what you want to share is going to make a good impact on someone else, then start there. Look on what other bloggers are doing for inspiration, and then come up with something of your own uniqueness. You will succeed much better and faster, if you do you, and be yourself. If you have a passion or gift, use your blog to exploring your horizons and creativity. In time you will discover what will work and won’t work for you. If you have a solution to offer for an existing problem that you know may be able to help other people or a certain community, use it as a stepping stone for you to get started and build a platform for yourself online, perhaps offline also.

I hope that answers at least a part of your question.



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To your success,

Helen Majaga


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