It’s Important to Knock the Door

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Knock, knock? Who is there? Hahaha

You know this third secret to success of our ongoing series was coming…hahaha.

In the Bible the Lord Jesus taught us the importance of being persistence in prayer and basically in all our endeavors. Even in Matthew chapter 7 verses 7 and 8, if you can notice, He said “Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.”

Previously we have already discussed on how the art of asking and  seeking play the part on our success. And the key here is not just asking and seeking once, but keep on persisting on it. We have to be persistent when we are asking, seeking, and knocking.

So why it’s important to knock the door? Oh well, maybe I should ask you this question; after you have put yourself out there, or you have walked all the way into a boardroom meeting, you have walked all the way to the most important thing you ever wanted, would you rather knock the door and enter so you could see what’s going to happen and the outcome, or would you rather hesitate and maybe let fear hold you back?

In business and marketing world, for every business move you have to make, there must be “A call into action” moment. Usually a call into action is a place of transition and an opportunity to get business done, perhaps to convert potential audiences to subscribers, or customers. A call into action gives instruction to the audience what to do next and provoke them to make a decision, using terms such as “get this book,” “find out more,” “visit the store today,” “call us today,” and so on, after they have read or listen to your message or post.

In blog and website world for instance; when we write and publish a post, usually we will make a call into action to our audiences. Some creatives will have a subscription form to instruct their potential subscribers to sign up and subscribe to their newsletter. Others will introduce directly the links of their landing pages for example; maybe they have a freebie to giveaway. Some choose to link their products and services directly with the call to action to “buy now” or “get a free trial download.” Depending on their approaches and strategies, sometimes these creatives may choose to introduce and instruct a call to action in the beginning, middle, or at the end of the post.

We learn this even in Church services, after the pastor preached to us, at the end he or she will make a call into action and ask Church attendees and members to come up front, or to raise their hands where they are, those who have prayer requests and they want the pastor to pray over and with them. Another call into action they would make is to ask those who have not made the Lord Jesus as the Lord and Savior of their lives to stand up so that they could guide them and be able to receive the Lord Jesus Christ by faith in their hearts and life as their Savior and Lord.

All of these are call into action moments. Basically telling it’s time to make a decision, a chance to make a transition, and take heed of opportunity on what you have been hearing, learning, reading, listening, and start acting on it.

I think I have shared this before already. The day I became a born-again Christian, I was in a school library studying. It was an exam week, and I was sitting alone on one of the school library desks studying for the next exam. Then two Chinese fellow students, a male and female came to me. Honestly, I am not sure if they were Chinese, Korean, Cambodian, or Japanese, but they were of Asian ethnicity. I’m also not sure if they were siblings, friends, or boyfriend and girlfriend. But they introduced themselves as fellow students, and told me their names, that I don’t recall today for it has been a while. After they introduced themselves and I introduced myself back to them, they asked me if they could pray for me. That was their entry way to get into the conversation with me. And I said, ‘oh, great, that is very kind of you.’ During that time I had a lot of crises so I took it as God has heard my prayers because I somehow thought God sent them to confirm it…hahaha. So they prayed for me, and immediately after that they began their pitch and started preaching to me and telling me about God and His love for us. It was an engaging conversation; they let me spoke also and participated in the overall conversation. They also asked me about my previous faith background and things like that. And at the end of the conversation, they gave me a free CD resource and said it would helped me if I listened to it because it explained more about what they have been preaching to me, and telling me. After that they made a call into action and asked me if I would like to make the Lord Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I come from Roman Catholic background, and I knew about the Lord Jesus and the gift of Salvation. Since I didn’t want to disappoint them, so I said why not. And they led me to pray the Salvation prayer, and then they left.

Looking back now to my story of how they made it seem easy to approach me and evangelized to me, I realized that there were some business and marketing skills there that they had to apply, and it occurred to me that we are all business people, because we are always doing business of some kind. We are all representatives, ambassadors, or advocates for what we believe in, or for something.

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It also opened my eyes and made me realized that even Pastors are business people. They are Jehovah advocates. They are in business of winning souls to God Almighty and the expansion of God’s Kingdom here on planet earth. Perhaps a different kind of business people compare to what we have been taught to think in the real business world.

This is what I see; under the supervision of God, pastors make money circulate and serve the people of God and the things that honor God in the operations and affairs of furthering the Lord God plans here on earth. They use it to loving, healing, delivering, bringing God’s people near to Him, giving hope, extend the Lord Jesus’s mission to the world, and make the world much better place than we found it.

So why it’s important to knock the door?  In the book of Revelation chapter 3 verse 20, reading from Living Bible translation, the Lord Jesus also said “Look! I have been standing at the door, and I am constantly knocking. If anyone hears Me calling him and opens the door, I will come in and fellowship with him and he with Me.”

The Lord Jesus said, He is constantly knocking the doors of our hearts and lives, and if anyone hears Him and opens the door, He will come in and fellowship with him. So even the Lord Jesus constantly is knocking the doors of His people. He is constantly knocking for chances and opportunities to fellowship with us. It may be a pastor who would be speaking, but behind the preaching it could be the Lord Jesus speaking to you. That’s why many times the preaching and Bible readings that have touched me, are the ones that I thought the messages were actually meant for me. And perhaps it was so because it was the Lord Who was speaking to me using one of His people. Because as His people and followers, we are His ambassadors, so He uses us to represent Him on this planet earth.

In our lives, usually we have learned that when one door closes, another door opens. Therefore we shouldn’t be stagnant, but instead have expectations that if we constantly keep knocking on the doors we want, at least one of them will open for us. Some doors are not going to automatically open for us until we keep knocking them over and over again.

Why it’s important to knocking the doors? Well, because doors are places of transition, and opportunities. We move through doors to get to the outside or the inside. If you go through the door, you are either going in, or you are going out. Doors keep those from outside or inside to hear what’s going on the inside or outside. It’s because when doors are closed, it can prevent us to enter certain places until they are opened.

So many of us look for open doors of opportunities, but usually many of them would be open only if we constantly keep knocking those doors of opportunities and good chances. If you want to be successful in some areas of your life; you have to constantly be knocking the doors that may bring that success to you, and only stop until they open. Keep on trying and trying, until you get it right, and reach your goals.

Sometimes there will be doors that are supposed to close, so that other new doors can be open for us. Therefore, we need to pray to God for wisdom, discernment, and guidance to help us discover which door we should continue to be knocking, and which to let go so that we can open ourselves to receive and enter to new and open doors of opportunities that God maybe trying to bringing in our way. You know, sometimes even positive experiences can come out of our closed doors. So be quick to realize it was for the best. When one door closes for you it doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything for you. God perhaps may have a better plan for you.

In order to move forward, it is also good to discover first the reason why the door was closed so that it may not happen to you again. Was it because you didn’t plan it well? Was it because it was a wrong investment that you have made? Seek God in prayer, and ask Him to show you where it went wrong so that when He opens another door, you won’t make the same mistakes again.

God can open doors of promotions or of new and effective career for us in places that we may not expect. He can open doors of new relations where we thought we didn’t have a chance. Maybe you want a new door of business opportunity to open for you to official start running that new business you have been wanting to. Maybe you want the doors of financial freedom to open for you. If we only choose to stay in faith, He can open doors of all opportunities we may be looking for when things and circumstances look impossible for us. God can set before us an open door which no one is able to shut  (read more Revelation 3:7-13). With man, many things may look impossible, but with God, all things are possible.

So knock that door, whatever door you want to be open for you, and you never know, the door may just open for you. Be positive, patient, and persistent.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga


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