How to Increase The Value You Carry

You know, I like to learn and listen to other people perspective and view about life in different areas. As an influencer, I also need to feed myself with knowledge and understanding so that I don’t get burn-out. Like everyone else I need get oil or to be fueled to get my engine going. So it’s vital that I make sure I learn at least one new thing on daily basis.

Actually the Lord Jesus said in the book of Matthew chapter 5 verse 6, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” Meaning that when we thirst for righteousness like we thirst for water, we shall be filled. The same goes with knowledge and understanding, and all other things that we maybe hunger and thirst for God to fill in our lives.

Well, some of you already know that I’m entrepreneur by heart, because I’m always trading things especially knowledge and skill for something. Sometimes I get paid money, sometimes I don’t, but even then, I still get personal satisfaction knowing that I made a good difference in someone else’s life which sometimes brings me recognition to others as one of the good influencers in this current era.

But I’m always trading; whether it’s the issue of the world kingdom or God’s Kingdom, you’ll find me trading, because I have learned a secret that if I want to be successful in life, I need to create or come up with solutions to people’s problems. I have realized that depending on the level of problems I solve, it will determine the level of success I will have. It is that simple.

If we want to be successful in life, we need to increase the value we carry. And we learn about this in our workplaces; it’s all about the value we carry.

When you go to an interview, the first thing they look for if you are the perfect candidate to fit the position or the gap they have. That’s why they interview you so that they know you can bring them solutions to the level of problems of the job position and level. That’s why even they have different pay scales, salary comparison or salary ranges, for each job position depending on the level of responsibilities you are assigned to, and solutions you have to bring to the table.

  • What kinds of problems are you solving?

Through work experience I have learned that if I want to get promoted, I have got be willing to change my level of thinking and solving problems. The scale of the level of problems I solve it’s what is going to determine the level of promotion I will have.

And so they say, the problems we identify and annoy us the most usually are the problems we were created to solve. What does it mean then?

It means that if you are like me, you hate poverty of any kind; it must be you are supposed to solve that problem in your life. There are so many stories of ‘from rags to riches in this world,’ we just have to find ours. And we don’t have to marry somebody who is rich to become rich, even though that would be nice…hahaha. Sometimes, God may want to use us to be testimonies to others; the way we are, with our poverty background, God can use us to bring the solution not only to our problems but other people’s problems and inspire them to believe they also could do it and in turn do the same.

If you have been poverty stricken, instead of complaining like I used to, learn to see it differently. Perhaps it’s because you are supposed to come up with the solution to get out of poverty.

So if you see a problem ask yourself if there is a way you can solve it. And that’s another way you can increase the value you carry.

  • Learn something new everyday

That’s why I do my best to learn everyday so that I can increase my value. Some people go to extreme, and go back to school to specialize more in the areas of their interests. Others attend periodically seminars or conferences to get technical training and more knowledge that they could add in their resume and overall skills.

Nowadays on platforms like Udemy or Teachable for instance, you can get online courses to help you improve and learn various skills and knowledge that will help you increase your overall value.

You can read books and articles. And of course, you can also Google search and find information you need literally for free. There are so many YouTube channels, podcasts, blogs, and et cetera, you can subscribe to and read online for free. Some of them for less than half an hour, you will be able to learn something you didn’t know before.

So invest in yourself. Just as you invest in your wardrobe, or your possessions….hahaha, invest also in your personal and professional education. Invest on things that will bring you more value. Remember; unless your possessions can bring you value back, they are not assets, but liabilities or even expenses.

What do I mean? If you have bought a camera for instance just to take pictures, and it’s costing you electricity to charge it, and internet bundle fees to upload on your Facebook so that your friends could see them, then your camera is a liability. But if you utilize it more, and use it lets say to create something that will bring you money back, let’s say create videos that in a long-term could become something very valuable, then your phone becomes an asset, an equipment you use for doing business.

  • What is your skill?

Sometimes you have to ask yourself what skills and talents do I have. Unless you know what you have, you won’t know your potential. I truly believe if we could sit down and analyze ourselves we could come up with so many things that we can offer.

There could be some skills we could offer others that we may not even know about or discover them. They could be in any form; soft and internal skills, or hard and external skills we have acquired, hobbies, talents, God-given gifts, knowledge through experiences, sometimes it maybe God’s calling that we don’t even know about it yet that burns through our passion.

You need to find out about these things so that you can stir them in you, so that you can develop them. Sometimes a diamond it’s unrecognizable through its rough stages. That’s why you have got to take time not only to identify and discover, but to practice also, and invest in your skills, talents, and gifts, as well as appreciating your experiences, because through them we find purposes and answers to the questions life may present or bring us.

I am a living example; Helen Majaga International is a story of self-discovery of one of God’s purposes for me. I found purpose through my hobby and passion. I mean, I have other purposes in this life, but this is one of them I enjoy doing. You can read a little bit of our Story.

  • You have got to prepare

How many of us know that when preparation does not precede promotion, it leads to humiliation? Imagine going somewhere not prepared. You have got to get ready; when opportunity knocks, it’s not time for rehearsal.

You have to rehearsal before the opportunity because in some circumstances you can only get one chance to prove yourself of what you can offer. Promotion belongs to those who are prepared for it. We need to prepare for the mountain top while we are in the valley.

How do we prepare? Simply by start looking like where we are going. We start acting now, as if we are already there. Someone said “Look like where you are going, and not where you are, or where you have been.”

If your dream is to become a business magnet, ask yourself, what does a business magnate in your niche for instance do or what will she or he do in the situation you are in? Do your researches to know the person you want to become, and start practicing.

I have learned this concept through the famous question, “What Would JESUS Do?” Basically when you are facing a situation and you are wondering what you should do, the first thing you need to ask yourself, if it was the Lord Jesus, through of what you have learned about Him so far, what do you think He would do?

We need to prepare, even when we have no real platforms yet, so that when the platforms present themselves to us, we are ready.

This is what I realized, in real life, problems don’t knock, we just happened to be in them. The same thing with preparation, sometimes we just need to jump and figure out as we keep going. The lessons we learn there, will prepare us for the real jump. We shouldn’t wait until we have enough resources to start preparing.

And that’s how you can increase your value today. Believe me, the little steps and progress do count. As I look back to see the progress of Helen Majaga International, those little steps and progress, have accumulated to so much now. And I’m so grateful to GOD.

Helen Majaga is a founder of Helen Majaga International, Live to Your Full Potential Podcast & YouCount Magazine, specializing in the training and development of individuals and businesses to achieve personal and professional goals.

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