Reprogram Your Mind | What To Do Next After You Became Born Again # Episode 74

So what’s next after you became born again? You must renew your mind. You have to join a Biblical teaching local Church nearby you to be baptized in water and be fed with the Word of God, and be established in the Lord.

In this episode 74 of “Live to Your Full Potential Podcast,” I have shared that you must invest in your new life in Christ so that you can spiritually grow and mature.

Remember also, your spirit was the one that got born again. But your mind is still the same. In order to have the Mind of Christ, think and behave like a child of God, get rid of your old thinking and your old ways of doing things, and your old mindsets, you have to study the Word of God, His teachings so that you can do what God is expecting from you and live as a child of God should live like. You have to replace ungodly thoughts patterns with godly thoughts so that you can line-up with the Will of God for your life.

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