Faith Activates GOD’s Promises

Hi friends, peace be with you. There is a request from someone we put together a series of our articles about Bureaucratic Control System In the Workplace. We will have that before the end of next month by the Grace of GOD. We will put it with other series on resources category. Right now we … Continue reading Faith Activates GOD’s Promises

Put On Full Armor of GOD # Episode 79

The Lord Jesus said in the book of John chapter 15 verse 14, “You are My friends, if you obey Me or do what I command you.” In this episode 79 of “Live to Your Full Potential Podcast,” we discuss that what it means to put on Full Armor of GOD. We know that the … Continue reading Put On Full Armor of GOD # Episode 79

Overcome Unbelief

We are continuing with the subject of faith. We now know faith is believing before seeing it. Faith is a replay of what God has already said, told, or showed us. There is this story in the Bible about Priest Zechariah, John the Baptist Father, who was made mute by the Angel Gabriel because of … Continue reading Overcome Unbelief

We Are The Lights # Episode 78

You don’t conquer darkness using more darkness. You conquer darkness with light. So if you have going through a darkest system, the only way to get out there is to come to light. You need to involve GOD and His truth in all your situations. If GOD can make the world out of nothing, He … Continue reading We Are The Lights # Episode 78

Faith Is Acting On What God Said

Hi friends, all be well with you. On our podcast, “Live to Your Full Potential,” we are doing a series “Why It’s Important To Be Born Again,” and I have to tell you that for me to do this series is amazing. One of the most important things I’m proud to do this year is … Continue reading Faith Is Acting On What God Said

A Choice To Obey GOD # Episode 77

In episode 76, we discussed that after we are justified, then we are sanctified, which basically is the process of purification. There is this song I like that says, “LORD prepare me to be a sanctuary pure and holy tried and true, with thanksgiving I will be a living sanctuary for You.” In the book … Continue reading A Choice To Obey GOD # Episode 77

Faith Is A Gift

Hi friends, howdy? Today’s subject is a controversial subject. I did a little of research on this, so I welcome your comments and insights. But I know, a lot of us might like the subject of today. What is faith and how do you get it? In the book of Hebrews chapter 11 verse 1, … Continue reading Faith Is A Gift

Salvation Is A Gift Of GOD # Episode 76

In the book of Romans chapter 8 verses 9 and 10, it says “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your … Continue reading Salvation Is A Gift Of GOD # Episode 76

How Can A Fellow Christian Be Born Again?

Hi friends, happy Sunday! Someone asked us a question very recently how can a fellow Christian be born again? And I like the question because I just realized I haven’t shared a Salvation prayer yet on our series that is going on now. On our Live to Your Full Potential Podcast, we are currently podcasting … Continue reading How Can A Fellow Christian Be Born Again?