It’s Holiday Season | Get A Gift For Your Loved Ones

We have already started the holiday season? Time don’t wait for nobody for real!

I have got two announcements:

One, to our audience who requested from us “Bureaucratic Control System In The Workplace Series,” I have finally been able to put together for you. I know that I promised to do it before the end of last month, but I got caught up with life…hahaha, anyway I’m glad I got it done and kept the promise.

Two, we have added a few products on our campaign page. If you are looking for an inspirational gift to give to your loved ones as a gift this year during the holiday season, check out our products. Below is a few sample of the products that may interest you.



But remember also to check out our online store. Get the most recent copy of YouCount Magazine. There are people who would rather have you give them something to read that will help them for a lifetime rather than giving them something that is only temporary. I know there are some people out there that would appreciate more thoughtful gifts like YouCount Magazine or Love Persona Poem…hahaha. We are different, you know? Sometimes what we value is different from what other people consider is valuable to them.

That’s it friends. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

To your success,

Helen Majaga


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