The Baptism Of The HOLY SPIRIT And Water Baptism # Episode 104

The LORD JESUS said that in order to enter the Kingdom Of GOD, we need to be born of water and the Spirit. There are two baptisms that we must and willing to receive; Water Baptism and The HOLY SPIRIT Baptism.

In this episode 104 of “Live to Your Full Potential Podcast,” we learn that even the LORD JESUS had Water Baptismal in order to fulfill the requirements of righteousness. We see that Water Baptismal symbolizes three things, death, burial, and resurrection of the LORD JESUS CHRIST in our lives by faith. We have put to death the old us of sinful nature and old ways of living we used to live before we became born-again. We have buried and put behind us the old us of sinful nature and old ways of living. And Resurrection meaning that we are now walking in newness of life, completely as different people with different nature of CHRIST.

But we also learn that it is the LORD JESUS CHRIST that baptizes us with the HOLY SPIRIT. Therefore, in order to have the infilling and more of the HOLY SPIRIT, the SPIRIT of The LORD, the PRESENCE and POWER OF GOD, we need to continue living through, be, abide, and remain in the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

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