What Foundations Are You Built On?

Hi friends and people of GOD, we will continue with our series of denouncing and renouncing evil foundations next month. In our next post of the series, we will discuss about the spirit of lust. And after that we still have a few more to cover. Things like rebellious spirit, spirit of condemnation, Rebekah or favoritism spirit, spirit of Ahab, territorial and environmental spirits, spirit of lethargy, and et cetera. If GOD Wills and by HIS Grace and Mercy, we will go through them all by August we should be done.

In our ongoing series “The Importance of Becoming Born-Again,” in our previous episode we have discussed about “The Importance On Feeding On The Word Of GOD.” We learned that we shall not live but bread alone, but by every WORD that comes from the MOUTH Of GOD. Click here for more.

In the book of John chapter 6, verse 63, the LORD JESUS said “It is the Spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the Words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.”

We were created in GOD’s Image. Even us when we speak our words have power to create, especially when we speak the Words Of JESUS. Let’s just use common sense, when we open our mouths to speak for instance, it’s not our bodies or our mouths that speak; it’s our spirits within us that speak. Our bodies are just the temples, they were designed to cover and support our spirits that live within us, inside our bodies. As the LORD JESUS said, “It is the Spirit that quickened.” It is the spirit that speaks and gives life to things. So I search on Google what this word ‘quicken’ used in the King James Version of the Bible means, and it says to ‘revive, restore, or make alive.’ Another definition says to ‘quicken something is to bring it to life or restore it to a former flourishing condition.’ So it is not our flesh that gives life to something, it is our spirits that give life.

Therefore, today we are going to discuss more on the Importance of Making The WORD Of GOD as the foundation for our lives. And we also have other several posts about this topic, “The Importance of The Word Of GOD.” If you are interested, you can join our Membership Program, and when I put it together, you will be able to access “The Importance of the Word of GOD Series.” It will contain a collection of our posts on what we have discussed about the Wonderful Word Of GOD, and why it’s very vital to know The WORD Of GOD.

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Okay, let’s continue with the subject of today. I have already shared in our previous posts also about building our lives and everything about us really, on rock or solid foundation. And we came to understand that this rock and solid foundation, and is the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

In the natural, when we think of the solid or rock foundation, we know that in order for it to be called solid or a rock, this foundation must be firm and is able to support something, such as a building, and to sustain it for a really long time. That’s why buildings such as houses, apartments, office buildings and so on when they are built, the builders make sure the foundations of those buildings are built properly. Why? Because without solid foundations, those building would never last for a really long time, if their foundations are not strong enough to sustain them, they will eventually collapse when due to environmental pressure, and all the activities and movement that will be going on in that building in a period of time.

The same thing with our lives, we are like buildings. And each one of us is built on some kind of foundations that are offered in this life. These foundations were here before we came to this earth, and we got introduced them by the people in our lives and the influence they have on us. And we decided to adopt them as our own. And they became the foundations that we have put our hopes, trusts, and values.

Do you know that depending on each individual, we may differ on the kinds of foundations we have built our lives on? This is due to how we have been raised, our backgrounds, life experiences, our beliefs, and perception about life.

There are people who believe money is everything. There are some people lives are built on the foundations of money. Money is the center focus of their lives. Money is basically their master. They are constantly living to have more money. They look at it as their source of security and meaningfulness in their lives. Therefore, when that money goes away, they will have really hard time to survive in life because they have put their hopes there. To them their mentality basically is more money more good life. Rich or poor, whether we have money or not, we need to make sure our lives are built on the right foundation, the solid rock, which is GOD. Whether we are poor or rich, we are loved and still valuable to our GOD and our loved ones. We don’t have to base our worthiness on how much money we have in order for to be accepted by others.

There are people who build their foundations on possessions. They think having more possessions and stuff is having more happiness and acceptance. They collect things; expensive collectibles. More fancy cars, shoes, clothes, paints, and so on. And the more they collect, the more they think they will be happy. In fact some of them, they get credit cards, they go on huge debt, to buy and collect those possessions. And unfortunately those things end up collecting dust, because they don’t even use them. I know what I’m talking about because I used to be them. Sometimes I tell myself, if I could only turn the clock back, knowing what I know today, perhaps things would have been different for me in my today. It’s not wise to go on debt to buy more clothes, or use your credit card to pay for your drinks at the night club to fit in with peer pressure. Sometimes we only learn after we have experienced it ourselves.

There are people who build their foundations on fame or popularity; I mean these are just few examples. I could go on and on. GOD loves us. And I really do think HE doesn’t want us to live well and have those things. But GOD knows that HE if we don’t put HIM, the only firm foundation for our lives, in the end we may get hurt. If we build our lives on any other foundations that do not involve GOD, when the storms of life come we may not be able to endure if GOD is out of the picture. Everything we build our lives as foundations outside GOD is temporary, only GOD is permanent.  Other foundations are not firm enough therefore they can collapse anytime when put comes to shove. GOD is only our Strong Tower. In fact the LORD JESUS said when we build our lives on HIS Foundation, in HIS WORDS, we are likewise builders.

In the book of Luke chapter 6 verses 46 and 49, the LORD JESUS said “But why do you call Me ‘LORD, LORD,’ and not do the things which I say? Whoever comes to Me, and hears My sayings and does them, I will show you whom he is like: He is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. And when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently against that house, and could not shake it, for it was founded on the rock. But he who heard and did nothing is like a man who built a house on the earth without a foundation, against which the stream beat vehemently; and immediately it fell. And the ruin of that house was great.”

In other words, when we say building our houses which is our lives and everything about us on the rock and solid foundation, it means coming to JESUS, listening to HIS WORDS and Teachings, keep them in our hearts, do what it says, and basically live it as it says. It means we need to hear and put into practice the LORD JESUS CHRIST WORDS, which basically is GOD’s WISDOM, as our daily guidance to guide our lives. When we live according to HIS Teachings, we become built by it.

In this world we are living in, there two kinds of systems, the corrupted one which is the world system, and the godly system which is The Kingdom Of GOD system. So the Kingdom Of GOD has its own ways of obtaining, doing, and operating things which is very different from the world system. When we follow GOD’s Ways of doing and obtaining things such as possessions, wealth, fame, and so forth, we are building our lives on wise and solid foundations. We don’t have to worry about it, because GOD’s Foundations are right foundations.

And we have to remember the LORD JESUS didn’t say storms will not come when we follow HIM. HE promised that regardless of what may come on our way if we are built on HIS Foundations, we will be like wise builders; we won’t be able to be ruined completely because our hope and trust is in HIM, we are built on the Rock which is HIM. When the storms of life come, they won’t be able to finish us completely because our hope is from GOD. What a relief!

So the LORD JESUS CHRIST is calling all of us to build on lives on the Rock. And it’s up to us to choose on what foundations we are going to build our lives upon.

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