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Hi People of GOD,

I have been fasting and praying since the beginning of the month and that’s why I said we will continue with our denouncing and renouncing evil foundation series next month. I know our audiences are looking forward to the series. We have just made three years in May 10th 2019. So I decided to seek the LORD for direction and guidance as we start another year. I have been spending more time with GOD. I have also been praying for helpers. I have been praying for GOD to raise right helpers for us here at Helen Majaga International to help us accomplish our vision and mission in an impactful way. It has been amazing journey so far. And it would be more amazing if we get more people on board to get more of a professional level but also in order to expand and to reach more territory. I have also been praying and fasting for other personal matters. This year I shall get my answers to my breakthroughs, by force of GOD’s Love in the BLOOD of JESUS, and by Fire and the Sword of the HOLY SPIRIT, in The MIGHTY NAME of JESUS CHRIST.

It has been a good news year for our family so far. My older brother got born-again. He is a born-again Christian. So we are two siblings now who are born-again in our family. And he has got married to his beautiful wife, also a born-again Christian for almost two weeks now. My younger brother and his beautiful wife had a beautiful baby in February this year. And we are only in the month of May. It’s a sign that GOD is giving some people breakthroughs. By GOD’s ALMIGHTY Love for His People, I’m on the list also. I command a breakthrough over my health, spiritually and physically, in The MIGHTY NAME Of JESUS CHRIST. I command a breakthrough over my marital destiny in the MIGHTY NAME of JESUS CHRIST. McLee, I apply the Blood Of JESUS CHRIST over you, no weapon forged against you shall prosper. You shall escape all evil. I shall escape all evil. May GOD make ways where it seems to be no ways, in the MIGHTY NAME Of JESUS CHRIST. Anybody blocking and delaying my marital glory and destiny, I command a supernatural immediate release. May GOD immediately release me and my husband this year from the chains and bondage of the devil, in the MIGHTY NAME of JESUS CHRIST. I command financial breakthrough over my life. No more financial mediocrity. I command business opportunities coming my way in the MIGHTY NAME of JESUS CHRIST. No weapon forged against me shall prosper! No weapon forged against my helpers shall prosper. No weapon forged against my audiences and customers shall prosper.  No weapon forged against anyone who is supposed to bless me financially shall prosper, in the MIGHTY NAME Of JESUS CHRIST. Anybody blocking blessings to come my way, whether spiritually, martially, relational, financially, healthy and career wise, oh GOD, I have no powers of my own, may YOU contend with my contenders. Oh GOD judge righteously, fight my battles, this I pray in the MIGHTY NAME Of JESUS CHRIST.

Please declare for yourself above decrees if you are also trusting GOD for breakthroughs in those areas. Speak loudly as you declare them and believe that GOD is able. Scripture says GOD rewards those who believes He exists and earnestly seek HIM.

Now, if you have any testimony, if Helen Majaga International has made a good difference in your life and you would like to share your story, you can send us your testimonies because I know it would encourage others as well when you share it. If you are starting seeing good results in your life, life changing results because you have been following us, share with us. It will encourage us and others as well.

And for us here at Helen Majaga International, I have just recently realized that our audiences profile has improved. We have got many serious people who want to go into higher positions and achieving their GOD given purposes, dreams, and goals. We have got audiences of people who are tired of mediocrity; they want to achieve GOD’s best for them. We have got rising entrepreneurs and serious entrepreneurs’ audiences. But I have also noticed we have got a few Prophets, Pastors, and Apostles as our audiences. I know three of them and they Pastor big Churches. This is good impression, you know…hahaha. I’m so excited because even though we don’t yet have a huge number of subscribers, but our profile of audiences show that we are progressing and it’s a proof that we post valuable, impactful, and transforming information. And I know we could get better than this, if we progress into that professional level, and that’s why I have also been seeking the LORD for help to open up opportunities for us to progress to another level.

Today I just wanted to encourage us in a testimony way…hahaha. And if you don’t have one yet, don’t give up, as long as you are still breathing, remember that quitting is not an option and failure is unacceptable. And if you have any feedback and you would like to share, click here to do so.

Helen Majaga is a founder of Helen Majaga International, Live to Your Full Potential Podcast & YouCount Magazine, specializing in the training and development of individuals and businesses to achieve personal and professional goals.

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