The WORD Of GOD Is Powerful # Episode 111

Hi People of GOD, Happy Pentecost Day!

There are some people in this life are sent to distract and ruining innocent people lives and their destinies. They are trying with me, and I can’t put up with their plots. I have tried to hold my cool, but if I have to take this public, I will. Some people make it so hard to make other people do their GOD given callings. They think this is about them. It’s not about you, its about JESUS. It’s about responsibilities. It’s about saving souls. It’s never about money! It’s what you do with the money! The Bible says those who tried to stop GOD’s people doing what GOD has called them to do, where stopped! So people of GOD, make my life easy, I’m not here to play games. Don’t play with people lives and destinies. If GOD assigned you, then HE would have spoken to you. You online platforms people and offline critics people and unoriginals, you know who you are, stop harassing people lives! Stop monitoring people, stop doing what you have been doing manipulating things and frustrating people. You really think GOD doesn’t care for the innocents and lowly? Even giants fall. May GOD intervene.

You know, some of us are being tracked. We are being tracked and monitored with electronic online devices. Our laptops are tracked. Our phones are tracked. Our IP’s are tracked. Online hidden cameras, even when we sign on and sign out online, they control the number of comments and spams, they track our locations, even our phone calls. This one is easy FTC can take care of that all they need is to ask the online users how they do it. We will show them how they do it to us. But they also track us spiritually with their monitoring devices. Some of you may not know what this spiritual monitoring is, may be one day I will do a series about it. You wonder how come your life is displayed on the outside or online, well, there is something called spiritual monitoring. People can spiritual monitor your life and things about you. This one our prayers to GOD will take care of it by HIS Grace and Mercy.

Anyway, Let’s continue with the subject of today. Oh GOD forgive me, and help me forgive. I just needed to put it out on the open what has been going on secretly behind the scenes. May GOD keep and preserve our lives and everything concerning us. In JESUS MIGHTY NAME.

In this episode 111 of “Live to Your Full Potential Podcast,”  we learn more that The WORD of GOD is very powerful. We go through several scriptures about the WORD Of GOD and its necessity into our lives. We learn that the WORD Of GOD teaches and reveals truth to us that will set us free. What we know will set us free. We can only be free to the degree of what we know and what GOD reveals to us. The WORD Of GOD is the food for our souls. The WORD Of GOD cleans and purifies us. The WORD Of GOD brings light and solutions to our darkest situations and moments. The WORD Of GOD gives us understanding to what we don’t understand concerning life, and our issues. As The LORD JESUS is so as The WORD Of GOD, which brings life and light to men, and to the world. The WORD Of GOD gives us direction, heals and delivers us, and so forth.

Helen Majaga is a founder of Helen Majaga International, Live to Your Full Potential Podcast & YouCount Magazine, specializing in the training and development of individuals and businesses to achieve personal and professional goals.

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