Stop It! May The LORD Rebuke you!

Guys, it’s getting really annoying. I was in the bathroom this morning in the hotel room, and I looked up in the window, there was someone watching me while I was taking a shower. I shouted, he ran. And as I was continuing to take the shower,  he came back on the stairs, and I saw him again. So I shouted again and rebuked him. I came out of the shower getting dressed, and then he came around on the other side of my hotel room, and I shouted again and chased him. He was a local young man. And this is not the first time I have noticed I’m being followed every where I go now. They are following me, whoever they are. At this point I know it’s Americans and Russians using local people also. Last Wednesday at the mall I noticed three Caucasian men. One of them was speaking Russian to this other one Caucasian man. So I looked around and I saw three Caucasian men following me. One was wearing a hat. I tried to keep it cool, so I decided to buy something so that I could pretend I wasn’t noticing them. I went to the near store, and they came again. Later I left that store, there was a woman about my age  and race, I guess, was catching up with me, I think she was with them. I went to another store, and I noticed a different person, I’m not sure this was a local man or foreigner, he also was following me. When I was going home, I guess they were at the parking lot, so their car went before me, and then when the driver made the turn, I guess we lost them, but then when I got to the place I stay, I went inside, and then I came back, and I saw that car, but it didn’t come in my direction, it was going the opposite way back to the mall I think, or whatever they are staying.

Whatever is going on, whoever you are, I forgive you, but read my words carefully, before you kill me, may GOD kill you. I guess you are trying to ruining my reputation, taking naked pictures of me, whatever you do to me, it will come back to you. Don’t plant something, you don’t want to reap yourself. Be very careful, or my prayers will meet you in your future. The LORD is my Shepherd. You do what you do, I know this GOD is faithful, HE will not let your plots against me prosper!

Peace be to me, and my audiences. I have a feeling who this person is, but I don’t want to point fingers to something I’m not a hundred percent sure. They have been tracking my phones. They know every time I go somewhere. They know where I stay. They even have online cameras tracking me on Google, YouTube, even when I search using other browsers, they track each time I download or watch something, even when I sign out or on. They control my views…hahaha, even of my social media accounts, not only Youtube. I’m telling you…hahaha. They think they have power of attorney over my life, but GOD is my Shepherd. They are playing with the fire of the HOLY GHOST, and their future.

And I wonder why I am their candidate? It is as if I own the bank, I know…hahaha. Look, send me a message, and let’s talk like grown up folks. Don’t manipulate things, there is a way seems right to a man, but at the end of it leads to destruction. If I did something to you, I’m sorry. Let it be peace!

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