Hallelujah, JESUS Won The Victory

Hi People, this is not my usual post, but I feel like sharing it.

I have been mistreated and betrayed in my life, so unforgiveness is something I have been struggling with consistently to be honest, and this recently there are people have crossed the boundary. I had to take a pause a little bit and just spend time with GOD alone and close the door of disturbance of my haters’ noises. They are trying to stop me. They are trying to stop my destiny. They are trying to switch things and put themselves there. They are trying to correct GOD that what He has been working in my life and through my life is in vain all these years, so they put themselves there. They self-appointed themselves. GOD doesn’t raise someone without testing them, without putting them through fire until they are qualified. You think I woke up in the morning, and became who I am today. You are kidding me. They don’t know what I went through, I mean, let me just speak peace to myself.

Well, I found out last night that one of my sisters had pictures of us when we were young and shared them on WhatsApp. And those pictures cheered me, and to know where I come from, I mean to know where we came from. GOD is Good. And this one I really like of me and my Dad.

I just want to thank GOD for creating me and used my parents to bring me into this world. My journey hasn’t been easy, but I know GOD has really great plans for me and that’s why the devil has been trying to destroy me every time. You see, I have been through a lot. And a picture like this reminds me that it’s worth to forgive to move forward. I’m really not a quitter, but very recently when I found out who these people are, the local and the international, it disturbed me. They even have rented people next to me…hahaha. They track every trip I go. They even control youtube urls. I’m not going to mention them, because they know I know. And they know what they are trying to hide from me I know. And I have a feeling they also know that I know they are trying to switch things. Anyway, GOD IS STILL ON HIS THRONE, BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD. I have already presented my cares to GOD, and leave it there at HIS Throne. HE is a righteous Judge, and HE knows what to do.

I just want to let you know my audiences what’s going on. I have also posted on Lovely Helen Journal.

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