Another Of Them Unusual Posts

Hi beloved people of GOD,

I don’t post many of these kinds of posts, but here we go. I really don’t like to talk a lot about my personal life, but my life has become an open book nowadays. Somebody should have warned me from beginning, but it’s too late now. Big girls don’t cry, they swallow tears and the running nose too and continue with their lives. It is what it is. In fact, I have got people by force monitoring me online and offline. And may GOD Almighty confuse them.

Anyway, one thing I just want to make clear is that I am not a Prophet. I wish I could prophecy on my own life if I was…hahaha. I could use a prophecy for my life too, you know. I don’t prophecy events, nor to people. There is a difference between to stumble to a prophecy and to be a Prophet. Meaning that sometimes a believer can do something and it happens. So I have happened to stumble to a few prophecies without even me knowing that it was going to happen. GOD hasn’t told me officially yet to be a Prophet so I’m not going to take a seat I haven’t been confirmed, okay. If I’m going to be a Prophet, then GOD the HOLY SPIRIT will tell me when time comes, and I will officially announce it. I’m not going to force it on my own. Please, don’t ask me to prophecy to you or look at everything I post as prophecy. If GOD tells me to tell you something, then I will. If it slips out of my mouth and then you discover it is prophecy for you, then I guess it is.

To be honest, I’m not interested in being a Prophet right now. I’m interested in knowing GOD and shared with you what I have learned through reading the Bible and my own life experiences. Preaching the Gospel is the commission given to every believer. You too can do it by GOD’s Grace. But I can tell you something I’m interested in right now, is to getting out of poverty, but in a godly way…hahaha. If you are interested in partnering with us at the moment, check out my products and services, and contact us if you have ideas in line with our vision and mission.

One of the reasons I like about Mclee is that he is gifted and has a passion to help people and businesses especially small scale businesses, but even big the businesses to succeed. I have learned of him from a far helping people and their businesses even though some of them complained it didn’t work out for them. And I asked myself, that’s why it is called business. He is not the only reason why the customers didn’t come to you or your business didn’t succeed for those that didn’t.

When business fails people tend to blame the system. But that’s not the only reason sometimes. You still have a part to play. When we fail in life and businesses, it’s easy to blame on someone else, instead of taking some of our responsibilities that we also played the part for it.

The LORD JESUS has taught in the Bible on how to live GOD’s way, now, how many people are implementing what HE has taught in their lives? It’s the only people who are obeying, acting, and live GOD’s WORD that gets godly results and what GOD promised.

Now GOD’s system is the right way system. And you can’t compare it with human systems…hahaha.

So if there are people have been able to make it work and succeed in their businesses using the same system that you are calling corrupted, then there must be other reasons why you haven’t been able to make yours work.

Well, maybe you decided not to follow the system because you believe it’s corrupted that’s why you haven’t been trying to make it work. Sometimes you need to check up why you signed up in the first place. What led you there?

When I went to Mclee business, I didn’t go there to promote their products and services.  I went there to learn and that’s why I wasn’t really affected because I already knew what I want. I had a sense of purpose of what I was looking for from beginning and that is what helped me. I was looking to learn about business, especially online business industry at that time. Mclee wasn’t only offering paid products and services, his company was offering knowledge and skills that you can apply to any business online and offline, small scale or big scale. Some of them he provided free on his youtube channel and newsletter, you didn’t even have to pay a dime and still could use it to apply in your business and make it work. Some of their programs were expensive for me to afford, but I still gained a lot from his company. I realized I could use the same methods they were promoting and selling as their services and products as guidance on our businesses without signing up into some of their programs.

Truth is, some of us want microwavable business systems. We want them to chew everything for us. And we don’t want to think for ourselves and learn how to distinguish ourselves from our competitors.

But also sometimes it takes time. Do you know, it still takes time to see the WORD of GOD, some of GOD’s promises to manifesting in our lives? Not every promise will manifest quickly.

Even in business, you really can’t compare someone who is just starting in business with someone who has been in industry for more than you have been. That person has more knowledge, experience, skills, network and connection, resources, and you name it. So when you see others are getting good results than you are, it could be they are more knowledgeable and experienced than you. They probably are applying some of the techniques that you don’t know about, and even the companies they are teaching them don’t know about. They are using their own techniques on top of what they are being taught.

There are so many reasons could make businesses not to work out. Sometimes it depends on what you are selling if there is a demand for it. In this current world economy where money isn’t moving as fast and cash flow is slow, you bet there are going to be less customers than expected. You can’t force them to buy when they don’t have money to buy, or when your products and services are not life emergency and necessity. You can do whatever you can do, if there is no demand for it, forget it. Find another industry and implement what you have learn there.

Anyway, Mclee has this huge vision to help businesses. It is in him, it is his passion, you can see it all over him. Nobody is perfect, in life sometimes we learn as we go along, and from our biggest mistakes. So even if the intention can be good to help yourself and others to succeed, but when you are in business, especially if it is big, it is a team effort. And as a leader you get all the blame or the credit of the team effort. Unfortunately, your business and a team can make you look good or can make you look bad. And everyone deserves a second chance knowing what they know now to do business the right way.

We have to understand, the gift and passion that GOD put in us is always there. GOD put them for a reason, not to lay dormant. If we got wrong results the first time, then we just need to change how we do it, to get it right this time. We need to ask GOD what HE wants us to use these gifts and passions HE has put in us. They cannot lay dormant; they have purposes for it, we have to utilize those talents and make profitable for GOD. We are going to give an account for what we have done with our lives on the judgment day, this includes how we lived our lives, and how we utilize the gifts and talents GOD has put in us. So we have to utilize them somehow. We need to keep trying until we get right. It maybe something different. And we need to ask GOD to show us the way out on how to do exactly that. Nobody can do what we can do the way GOD created us to do and be. Nobody can teach people about business and how they can succeed and show them exactly what to do like you can. We are all unique in our own ways. We just need to ask GOD to position us in right places and guide us how to utilize them.

You know I see GOD using Mclee to help the same people who are persecuting him now, but this time in GOD’s way of doing things. The greatest miracles to me are when GOD turned the hearts of stone to true hearts of worship to HIM in everything they do and in every area of their lives. I imagine GOD using Mclee as HIS channel of blessing to help the same people and their businesses who are persecuting him now.

This is my imagination. This is my wish. I want GOD to send him back to the same people who rejected him to help their businesses succeed. This time is going to be different, because GOD is going to be with him, and I know he has learned a lot from this past bad experience.

You know I have recently found out, my haters went also on my google docs. And I said to myself, is it possible that these people they even read all my emails? Because I have noticed that they are monitoring and controlling my online activities, even my searches and downloads. They want to know what I watch, who is emailing me. They tab with codes my youtube channel and my youtube watch history. They are also probably listening to my phone conversations.  I also know they are tracking and monitoring my phone calls and locations. I wouldn’t be surprised that they are listening to my phone conversations. They are basically tracking my life.

What they are doing is against the law. It’s something you don’t even do with your loved ones without their permission. They are violating human rights of privacy and they have no court order to do it. They are going beyond in secret and treating me like a criminal partnering with different people and businesses.

Pause. Peace be with me.

GOD sees everything you do, whoever you are and how many you are. HE even knows each one of you and your secret thoughts. GOD is a just GOD. HE will judge righteously between me and you.

My prayer is that is you reap what you sow. Whatever you have been doing in secret against my life, you will reap exactly what you sow. Everyone involved, even the car driver, the escorts, employees,  anybody involved in one way or another to program things against my life and destiny, they will not escape it, GOD’s righteously judgment.

google it  “Can two people walk together without an agreement?”

If you have done it on purpose, meaning that you know what you are doing, you will not escape GOD’s righteous judgment. It may not be today, but you will in your future. If not you, then your children will. I know what I’m talking about, some of the things I’m suffering right now, my ancestors planted them. So be careful, you have no idea what you are programming for yourself and those concerning you.

You want my ministry to go down, your ministry will go down. You want my business to go down, your business will go down no matter how big it is. You are troubling my health, your health will be troubled. You want me to die, you will take my place. You want me to fall into 666, get out of my life, you and your 666. You want me to be childless; GOD will take yours so He can even with me. You don’t want me to succeed, you will take my place. You want my marital destiny to go down; your marital destiny will go down for my sake. Whatever you sow against me and my loved ones, you will reap exactly that in GOD’s timing of vindication.

This is not my principle, it’s GOD’s principle.

google it “GOD cannot be mocked, you will reap what you sow.”

Let me ask you something; which GOD are you praying to? If it is the same GOD we are both praying to, before HE answers your prayers, HE shall remember my prayers, in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.

Pause. Peace be with me.

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