GOD Disciplines HIS Children # Episode 117

Hi Beloved, it feels like a long time since I posted our previous post. This month has not started the way I wanted. My very very close family member was very sick, and just this Wednesday was released from the hospital. When I got the news it was Wednesday last week in the afternoon, and it was critical in the stage of intensive care unit. And then when I got there, they said we had to transfer to another big hospital. So we got admitted in the night thank GOD. I mean, it was very scary. But GOD is still GOD. So for the entire week I couldn’t post because I just wanted to spend time with GOD more and spend my time on my knees and HIS Presence.  It was a worrying week, but GOD show HIMSELF faithful. In the middle of all of the hard and confusing time, I got to see a lot of my relatives that I haven’t met in a while, and I got to be introduced to other relatives I didn’t even know that we are related. They came and show their loving support, may GOD bless them. So join me in your own timing to thank GOD for HIS Faithfulness and Goodness in our lives. HE has shown to me and my family, and we already know GOD is Faithful and Good and we are grateful. You know this was not an attack just  to me, but to the entire family. As for me it has been a rough year from beginning, but I’m still hanging to GOD even though I have no idea what is going on. There are some strange behind the scenes movements that I can’t really put together right now. All I know GOD will always win, whatever is going on, GOD will show HIMSELF Faithful and will fight for me, and fight for our family like HE did in this past week. The enemy may want to destroy my reputation and direction, but GOD will fight for me.

So now my mind is a little bit together…hahaha, we are continuing with our series “It’s Important To Be Born Again.” We are still discussing about why GOD allows trials, tests, persecutions, sufferings, and et cetera.

In this episode 117 of “Live to Your Full Potential Podcast,”  you will learn that you can’t lead someone where you have not been there yourself. Sometimes what we have gone through in our lives up to today was just preparing us for what we are going to do because GOD is going to use what we have learned along the way to be an encouragement for someone else, to teach other so that people will know the same GOD that has brought you out of the situation will bring them out also. We also learn GOD disciplines HIS Children. In fact Apostle Paul mentioned that if GOD doesn’t chasten you then you may be an illegitimate child…hahaha. Because who the LORD loves HE chastens and disciplines.

I also have an entire episode called “Strengths and Weaknesses; And Way Forward,” an amazing episode where I explained more on this subject concerning why GOD allows trials, tests, persecutions, and so forth. I went through the book of Revelation chapter 1 to 3, and went into details using the concept of SWOT Analysis. When the LORD visited Apostle John, HE told HIM about the Seven Churches and diagnosed their weaknesses, strengths, threats, opportunities, and way forward. And in each Church HE mentioned the Rewards they will get if they will persevere and overcome.

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