YOUR Mercy and Grace LORD Fights For Us # Episode 118

LORD MY GOD, YOU are wonderful and greatly to be feared and be praised. Thank YOU LORD. YOU are our Portion and YOU know how to wipe away our tears. Be Glorified in our lives. IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME. Amen.

Hi Beloved, we are continuing with our series “It’s Important To Become Born Again.” Today we are going to discuss about the importance of pruning process in a believers life. There are many reasons we are going through the process of pruning. And we have discussed a couple of reasons and we will continue on learning more on this topic on the next episode.

In this episode 118 of “Live to Your Full Potential Podcast,”  we learn that it is a necessity, a command, and vital, to abide in the LORD JESUS CHRIST. There is a difference between knowing the LORD JESUS for yourself and to hear about HIM. There is a difference between to know the Vine and to walk with the Vine. There is a difference between to know the WORD Of GOD and to live the WORD of GOD. So the LORD JESUS said when we abide in HIM and HIS WORD that is when we will bear much fruit.

The more you get closer to someone is the more you get to know that someone. So the first thing we learn that we need in order to bear much fruit is we must connect to the Vine and abide to the Vine. Our closeness and connection to the Vine is what make us relate to the Vine and bear much fruit. Your association to born-again believers will bring you to the Kingdom of GOD or save you. They will only bring you to HIM, and it is HIM that saves you and takes you to Heaven. Truth is, you have to want to have a personal relationship with the LORD JESUS yourself. It’s very important to spend quality time with HIM alone regularly in HIS Presence, in reading HIS WORD, in Prayer, in Praise and Worship.

I have another episode I shared a little bit on the subject of pruning and it is called “Your Season Will Come.”  I have mentioned that GOD prunes us to prepare us to be holy sanctuaries for HIM.


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