GOD Is Good, True, and Faithful

They tried to bury JESUS in three days HE rose again. They tried to stop the Gospel but the Bible is the most selling living book into this day, the classic of all times.  You can’t stop the plans of GOD for HIS people. If GOD says you belong to the moon trip, then you belong to the moon trip. If GOD says you are meant for mountain top experiences, just believe, HE is the One Who will equip you. They may want you to stay in poverty, to remain in the wilderness, they don’t want you to live to your full potential, but GOD is good, true, AND faithful. They can wish what they can wish, even when you wish them better than they do. If you are not careful in this life, people can use dreams and all kinds of things to plant things GOD has not plant for your life. They can even take some of your ideas and make them. As for me don’t try to put yourself in my life story, I know what I want and I know a little bit of what GOD has in store for me. Thank you for your suggestions, but I’m still the one who has to make a choice about my life.

I have this episode called “Influence.” And I just want to say that be careful who you do wrong, or wish wrong, or intimidate today, because you have no idea whom they may become tomorrow. GOD works in people lives behind the scenes. Sometimes we don’t know what GOD is doing in their lives secretly and what HE is preparing them today to whom they are going to be tomorrow. Just live your life, wish people well, and mind your own business. I’m sure you have a lot of things on your plate of your own to deal with. The same JESUS was born in a manger, is the same JESUS we are worshiping today. If GOD was not just and care for the weak and innocent, I don’t know where some of us where we would have been today. THANKS be to GOD. Amen.

Anyway, it has been a while, hope all is well with you. Sometimes when issues of life come like a rushing flood, we need to run to GOD, and stand still, and spend more time with GOD than ever, the One Who wish HIS People well and wants the best for them.

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