From Me To My Audiences

Hi beloved People of GOD,

I have realized that sometimes I may post some posts and it may come as an offense or be received wrong by some of my audiences. My apology if that happened. It is not my intention to hurt anyone or wish anyone bad, or lack. Forgive me, and May GOD change what came out as bad to good, May GOD bless you and increase you abundantly. I don’t intentionally do something to hurt anybody. I do my best to share posts that will help and uplift people as we learn together, but sometimes it may be received wrong. May GOD forgive me, and anyone who has been offended or hurt somehow by any of my posts, and may they forgive me.  Thank you.

May GOD make all of us rich and wealthy. May GOD give us healthy lives all the days of our lives. May GOD turn all our struggles and adversaries and all the harm that may be programmed for us into our good. May GOD make peace between me and you. May GOD bless you, me, and our families.

Since we have been discussing about the importance of thanksgiving, you can watch and listen to this episode.

You may also want to watch and listen to this episode also.

In my next post, we will continue with our series and learn more about the importance of thanksgiving. GOD bless us all.

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