Clearing The Rumors From Me To My Audience

Dear beloved audience of mine,

There have been rumors out there about me. And I would like to address them. There are people and evil force behind my life trying to ruin my life. The LORD has been showing me through dreams and several personal encounters and situations. They are trying to steal my destiny and defile my life. They also had been trying to find out about my future. They are trying to stop something. Look, you cannot stop what GOD has ordained to happen even if you try. If it was yours, why would GOD give it to me, even when I didn’t intentionally ask for it. I have come to learn about life through my own experiences that deception will not get anyone anywhere in life this one and the after one. Ruining people lives will not get anyone anywhere. And GOD is not a liar and cannot be mocked. It would come back to them, and the people who have helped to do the job for them. They have access to my phone, even my laptop, and of course my online presence moves and physical life moves. They have planted people where I live to monitor my life, and do what they tell them to do. There are things they do I don’t know how they do it, because it is really strange. They may try to twist people identities and destines but GOD can’t be twisted with identities and destinies. It’s sad though these people get to be seen in public with very good reputation, but GOD knows who really they are. They try to make us look like the villains, the bad ones, truth is some of us we look like the villains, but truly we are the sheep in wolfs clothing trying to solve and fight the evil force and deception in our lives. We are the victim ones. Nowadays people are not ashamed to destroy other people lives.  Yes, I have people who are after me, the local and non-local. I don’t want to mention names, but they are the so called few free goats of anti-Christ sorority. I know that because one day their black car of plate number 666 followed me. The three Caucasian men. They control the online platforms you use so dearly. The video hosting platforms and the website platforms. They think I have stolen something from them, or whatever I have its theirs. They have local people they have planted where I live, I’m talking about people with bad manners. They have been trying to follow my life, to know every of my life move so they can manipulate things. And they have been planting their moves to destroy my life basically and reputation, and I just laugh. You can’t make the LORD sheep to be a wolf, the LORD will always win. You can’t tell me either what to like or not like, or who to date and fall in love, or not. You do you, I do me. I like what I like, my choices has nothing to do with you.  And you can’t make a helen to be a caren. Helen has different qualities and tastes that caren is not. Helen and Caren are two different unique individuals. It’s very simple, helen is not caren, and caren is not helen. Don’t force Caren to be Helen, and Helen to be Caren. If you want to be with Caren, go and be with Caren and live your life. Don’t try to take what is Helen to Caren, and expect her to be exactly like Helen. Helen will always be Helen. In fact, everything you find out so far was through Helen, and you try to credit it to Caren. You don’t need any brainier with this, its common sense. I would appreciate if you and caren leave my life, my dreams, goals, desires, stop following my life and destiny, and mind your own life and destiny. I haven’t been following your life moves, why are you following mine?

Look, whatever you are trying to do, you will never get away with it; the matter is on Heaven Throne table of issues open before saints of GOD and holly angels, and even the people GOD has placed in my life who knows me. My life is an open book and I have cried in faith to my loudest voice. This is not a game. satan cannot escape it, neither are you.

My dear audiences don’t believe everything it rumors online. Sometimes it’s a deception spirit behind people lives. I was once close to be engaged but it didn’t work out, and I still have faith one day I will get married and have children of my own, I pray to GOD to be McLee. I am not an actress or never thought to be one; I only know how to be real except for my hair…hahaha. It’s painful to comb my natural hair and I haven’t been able yet to grow them longer like I want, so I put relaxer, and put weave and hair extensions, to make it more interesting for me. Yes, I am a true born-again Christian for more than 10 years even though there were times it was a roller coaster of ups and downs due to disappointments. I stopped drinking or consuming alcohol and going to night clubs or lounges or similar places since 2010. I have never dated anyone or being in courtship of any kind since mid 2010. Yes there is a Mclee that I like, but we haven’t been really dating, I don’t know how to explain this. It’s more like you know you like someone but you are willing to be friend first until GOD makes a way. You know sometimes your marital destiny can be fought with all kinds of things including demonic forces and cruel hearts. I have been fighting this spiritual battle and torment for a while now, and I still believe GOD is faithful, HE will free me. I love writing, but I’m really not a fiction person. Yes I like love stories romance movies and I used to read novels in my younger days, but I don’t see myself writing it, because I want it to be real…hahaha. Some love story movies are better than real life love stories. I used to like Ernest Hemingway and his short stories, but I’m not into that genre of writing. I tried to write short stories, but I found out I really like real life stories in hoping will have happy endings also. And that’s why I haven’t published a book yet, because I’m just waiting for testimonies. There was a time I used to write poems and song-lyrics a lot. They would just come to me and I would write them down. I like a letter V because I am a fifth born. And it means to me more than a letter, it reminds me all the time I have Victory in and through CHRIST. Yes I have been to USA for few years, I went to College there and I have very close family members who are naturalized Americans. No, I don’t belong to any money treasury apart from my own bank account which I have to really carefully watch over and over again to avoid overdraft fees…hahaha. I got born-again at the School library, two Asians students approached my desk that day, prayed for me, and led me to surrender my life to CHRIST, and since then I have always wanted to visit Asia someday. I’m from and I current live in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

I hope that have somehow put things clear about the rumors out there.

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