Sow Where You’re Led Sow Where You’re Fed

Sow where you are led by GOD to sow and sow where you are fed to a ministry, Church, or place that has been blessing you.

You don’t need to pay anyone to receive instructions from GOD. HE can speak to you or someone else about your life and situation and you don’t have to pay a dime for it. But it is the same GOD who has put into motion this life principal of sowing and reaping. There are things in life unless you somehow sow you will not reap. Some financial increase you will only reap unless you have somehow sow into reap the harvest. There are times GOD will lead you maybe by speaking to you or give you a revelation and conviction through HIS HOLY SPIRIT to sow a financial seed for instance to a Church project, to a ministry of some kind, or just give to someone in need, and many times when GOD leads you to sow something intentionally, if you obey, HE is basically setting you for a breakthrough, a miracle, or financial increase, or to bless you somehow.

We have discussed about sacrificial giving and offerings, and the importance of giving to your pastor, apostle, evangelist, or any minister of GOD. It is a blessing and there is a benefit to be connected to these anointed people of GOD and to show your appreciation by blessing them back for what they have been pouring into your life. I have also shared a draft formula of how you can budget your money and be able to accommodating the types of giving and offerings we have already discussed about.

In the next episode we are going to talk about the love of money issue. This is my longest episode so far I believe since I started my podcast, so we have to continue with the love of money issue in the next episode even though I know I said in our last episode that I was going to share this on this episode.

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