All The Best In The Coming New Year

As we are about to cross over to another year, I just wanted to post something to wish you a Happy New Year and New Decade. May it be different. May GOD do new things for our lives and turn things around for our good.

Some of us we are very grateful for the last decade, but yet we pray this decade things to be much better for us, way much better by GOD’s Mercy, Love, and Grace.

May Almighty GOD make sure this time around those who are pursing us to destroy us and our souls, to never succeed.  The enemies of our souls shall never succeed. As for me, all the people and unseeing beings that are after my soul and destiny to destroy me, may they never succeed.  May GOD of truth, righteousness, who diagnoses things in true from its roots, may HE silence their accusations against me and scatter whatever they have programmed against me. All those that enjoy seeing me suffering and destroyed and not fulfill GOD’s plans for my life, may GOD never let their plans and wishes accomplished, in the MIGHTY NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST I PRAY.

Oh LORD, let things change for us. Do new things for us. Let us experience the joy of Your Salvation. Let us pass these trials, tests, and tribulations. Some of us it feels like our lives have been wasted in these wilderness years that we cannot recover back. HOLY FATHER, restore the years of our youths. Let from now on our lives glorify YOU, and when people see us, they see the LORD JESUS CHRIST. That is what we desire LORD.

So I was thinking what I was going to share, and I found this video that I was watching of me…hahaha. And it talked about building on the right foundations. And in our previous post we were just talking about love of money issues and motives. So I thought I would also share a couple of the articles that I have written and posted concerning the subject.

The Kingdom Of GOD In|Redeemed By The Blood Of JESUS CHRIST

Success In And With The LORD JESUS CHRIST

Men Make Money And Not Vice Versa

We are going to continue with our series and talk about the importance of obedience since I know its related to what we have been discussing when I post next, so keep checking my social media accounts for it.

I wish you all the best in 2020.

Happy New Year and New Decade.

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