Bureaucratic Control System In The Workplace Series

“Bureaucratic Control System In The Workplace Series” is a nine-article and one-video series that was requested by one of our audiences. You will learn the benefit of having structure and order in our workplaces, in management. Unless you have structure and order, things will remain chaotic. You will also learn several tips how to make your organization or company top-notch and irresistible to work with.

Article One: Importance Of Bureaucratic Control System In The Workplace

There is always going to be someone with higher authority you need to report to. This is where bureaucratic control system comes to play into place. If you want to be more effective and organized in the workplace you have to establish bureaucratic control to have a constructive and orderly system to help you govern your organization or company.

Article Two: How To Motivate Your Employees 

The ability to motivate employees is one of the greatest skills an entrepreneur you need to possess. You will learn six tips and points that you can put into practice to help motivate your key employees to excel.

Article Three: Celebrate Your Small Successes

You know, it’s not about the celebration itself that is a big deal; it’s the acknowledging part that is really important. Acknowledging your efforts, appreciating yourself for all the work you have done, and appreciating God, and if it is a big success that involves other people, then appreciating also all the people who have helped you to get this far.

Article Four: Working In Teams and Good Teamwork

The Lord Jesus’ recruitment was different, and definitely not the way we traditionally recruit people for jobs and other endeavors in our current era. There were no job advertisements, interviews, proof of education for each member of His team, background check,..hahaha. You will learn through Biblical examples the importance of working in teams and good teamwork.

Article Five: What It Takes To Have High Performance Teamwork

Ask any leader, especially so called ‘great leaders,’ they will tell the best thing they have done in their positions of authority that has been a major contribution for their success and of their companies, organizations, projects, and their homes was because they have been able to build and work with great teams. Having a great team is the secret to their success.

Article Six: Some Disruptions Could Be What Your Business Needs

When certain disruptions occur you can use them as source of opportunities of becoming more innovative in your businesses. There are four steps that management can follow when such disruptions occur to turn them into opportunities for their overall business growth and success.

Article Seven: How To Encourage Innovation In The Workplace

The environment you create for your employees really matters, regardless of how talented and creative they maybe. It makes people want to remain in your company if you are that type of employer who encourages them to grow and succeed professionally.

Article Eight: Communication Is A Two-way Street

Sometimes we need to use various means of communication, because people have several ways to being reached, and one of the ways might work best for them. Communication is key in our workplaces.

Article Nine: Your Job Isn’t As Bad As You Think

Take a pen, and a notebook, and start writing down the things you are grateful about your job. After you write down these things, you will know why you are going to your workplace, or whether it’s time to find another job.

Video: The Importance of Having Structure And Order

Even from early ages, as written in the Bible, it has been recorded the benefit of having structure and order in our workplaces, in management. If you want to grow, then having structure and order is a must to your business or ministry.


To your success,

Helen Majaga