Hi friends, we have been working behind the scenes these couple of weeks implementing on other Helen Majaga International operations. Very soon we will get back to our normal posting workflow, which is three times a week. Well, we have wonderful news here at Helen Majaga International. You can now work with us. If you … Continue reading Announcement

It’s Important to Knock the Door

We have got new updates; we have recently added another resource category “Success Stories,” that we came up with by being inspired from one of our recent articles. They say that the secret of successful people is in their stories. If we have made impact on your success, we would love to hear from you … Continue reading It’s Important to Knock the Door

Somebody Sent Us a Question

And I almost deleted without reading it because it was on spam comments section…hahaha. The question was or is, this person wants to start a blog to share and write her or his experiences, and therefore wants to know how I got to established a successful blog. Basically this person wants to know how she … Continue reading Somebody Sent Us a Question

Seek to Find; One More Secret to Success

You know, one among the strategies to establish a successful business is to focus on building your audiences. And that can be done in few ways depending on the nature of your business. For instance if it’s an online business; it would be creating engaging contents, products, or services. You want to create really valuable … Continue reading Seek to Find; One More Secret to Success

Thank You and Welcome!

Very recently I just realized we haven’t official welcome our current subscribers, followers, readers, listeners, customers, etc. Thank you for subscribing and following us. Welcome Aboard! My name is Helen Majaga and I am a founder of Helen Majaga International. I want to take a moment to first personally thank you for joining us. Please … Continue reading Thank You and Welcome!

Right Place, Purpose, and Time

I have described before about success in all different angles, for instance; success is being right exactly where you are needed and you are a perfect fit for the job and outcome, or success is doing right things and doing them in a right way. But success is a big subject, and we are going … Continue reading Right Place, Purpose, and Time

We Need God’s Help

I have noticed that there are a few creatives that I have come to know their work, they have stopped doing and pursuing what they have started. I visited their sites and I wondered what happened. I understand that life happens, and a lot have happened last year all over the world to contribute for … Continue reading We Need God’s Help

Change What You Think and Say Exercise

Never say you can’t do something, and instead ask yourself how can I do it? Or say, God will make a way. I have shared before that there is a power in our spoken words and our thoughts. Usually our words and thoughts can become reality. What we think and say about ourselves can create … Continue reading Change What You Think and Say Exercise

4 Crucial Habits of Most Successful People

If you can get your habits right, you can get some things right, hahaha. Your habits can influence your progress in life. Our habits have a lot to do in helping us succeeding in all our endeavors. Remember, success leaves clues. There are four crucial habits most successful people practice that we can learn and … Continue reading 4 Crucial Habits of Most Successful People

Be Committed to What You Do

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” Kevin Durant It’s really not your profession that will make you successful, but it’s your commitment to your duties and responsibilities concerning your profession is what will be able to actually make you successful. In every profession there are going to be successful and unsuccessful … Continue reading Be Committed to What You Do