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5 Steps to Manifest the Things You Want and Need

When I visited my WhatsApp profile today, I saw a friend of mine profile picture showing him walking in the field facing on the back wearing a T-shirt that says “Winners never quit.” How motivating, right?

I don’t remember where I read this “The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long.” That’s all you need to know when you feel like giving up. Think of why you are deciding to quit now. Why did you fight all this time, and decide to quit now? What about all the investment you have put in, maybe in your business, your relationships, your life, and so on?

For all of us who need the motivation to keep going, I have come up with five steps to attract your ideal things and manifest the things you want and need. These steps maybe also what we need to get that enthusiasm back to keep progressing, to keep the momentum, and finish what we have already started. But even so, to help us achieve our end goals without wishing to never stop or quit so that we can also become winners.

  • Think of Rewards

There is this phrase by Tony Dorsett that says, “To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to inspire you, something to motivate you.” If you’re Christian for instance, that will be the scriptures with the promises of God; the Word of God. This could be also the rewards that you are going to get if you continue until the finish line; whatever it is the finish line looks like to you. Whatever are your end goals that you want to accomplish or desire to accomplish. For instance, myself one of my present dreams is to have more than book with my name on it on few of major bookstores selling worldwide someday soon. I mean, I think this is a dream for every writer and author. But for someone else it could be getting their ideal job and doing what you really love and getting well paid for the job. Jack Canfield said, “If you love your work, if you enjoy it, you’re already a success.” So imagine you get highly paid doing your dream job, and how it can transform your life. Not all of us own homes. So, if it’s your goal to becoming a home owner soon in your life, so think of the rewards of having your own house and a place to call home. Continue reading 5 Steps to Manifest the Things You Want and Need