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Prayer Covering Your Plans

Hi friends, it is my hope you had a wonderful Christmas. One of my sisters invited me and the rest of my family members to her another new house that she and her husband just finished building and just moved in. It was a Christmas party at the same time a house-warming party. Unfortunately I didn’t go. I wanted to spend alone time with the Lord. I thought it would be a great time for me to seek Him again during Christmas day. And I have to say I didn’t get my deliverance that I was expecting, but yesterday I got a heartfelt message, a wonderful gift in a form of a quote. I’m truly grateful and happy.

I have been thinking about what to write to you after Christmas holiday as we are heading to another holiday to celebrate a New Year. This coming year is going to be a new dawn for many of us. I know it’s going to be for me because I have already started seeing the signs; the discomfort around me. Where I am is tired of me, and I am tired of staying where I am, at the same spot. My surroundings are pushing me to move up; therefore I need to move up.

What I have been taught to do by the Ministers of God’s Word that God has placed in my life is that every year we should prayer cover ourselves and our plans. So as usual I went ahead and sought after the Lord in prayer for two weeks. During this period, we started by giving God thanks for what He has done for us this year.

And when I look at my 2017 gratitude journal, from January to December, I see so many praise points. I’m not where I wanted to be, but God has done me good this year; in my personal and professional life. I’m truly grateful.

I also have a feeling that I am starting a new career, something that started as a hobby a really long-time ago, only now it’s not a hobby anymore. It’s growing to something good. I prayed to the Lord and said, let it please Him to do to me according to His Will. Because it’s not a secret anymore, Helen Majaga International is no longer a hobby; it has become a recognizable international brand.

And we may not have many audiences right now, but we are coming. The Lord is still establishing our rooting system. Even though we are not exactly sure right now whether we are a ministry as non-profit or a business as for profit, but we are coming. Whatever the Lord wants Helen Majaga International to be, we will be because He will make a way. We are on the waiting season for His clear answers. His Will shall be done. Continue reading Prayer Covering Your Plans