It’s Holiday Season | Get A Gift For Your Loved Ones

We have already started the holiday season? Time don’t wait for nobody for real! I have got two announcements: One, to our audience who requested from us “Bureaucratic Control System In The Workplace Series,” I have finally been able to put together for you. I know that I promised to do it before the end … Continue reading It’s Holiday Season | Get A Gift For Your Loved Ones

YouCount Magazine 9th Edition

Hi Beloved, YouCount Magazine 9th edition is here. If you would like to be encouraged and imparted, get the magazine. For the price of $5+, you will get not just information, but knowledge and insight with Biblical and real life examples that you will be able to apply in your life to help you in … Continue reading YouCount Magazine 9th Edition

YouCount Magazine 8th Edition

Good news from us Helen Majaga International. YouCount Magazine 8th Edition is finally here. In case you’re a new audience, and you are thinking whether YouCount Magazine is for you. Well, if you are looking for gossip, or to be entertained, then definitely YouCount Magazine is not for you. If you are a reader, and … Continue reading YouCount Magazine 8th Edition

YouCount Magazine Seventh Edition

Our help, our help, comes from the Lord God Almighty (Psalm 121 | Isaiah 54:17). Victory belongs to King Jesus, Amen. Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:57). A lot of people don’t know how the importance of faith and having faith is. It’s a … Continue reading YouCount Magazine Seventh Edition

Marching Forward | Newness

We have finished one quarter of the year. And I have to say we have march forward a little bit this quarter, especially during this month of March. I remember at the end of last year wishing and wanting to move forward from Helen Majaga International being just a hobby, to an actual entity. Therefore, during … Continue reading Marching Forward | Newness


Hi friends, we have been working behind the scenes these couple of weeks implementing on other Helen Majaga International operations. Very soon we will get back to our normal posting workflow, which is three times a week. Well, we have wonderful news here at Helen Majaga International. You can now work with us. If you … Continue reading Announcement

It’s Important to Knock the Door

We have got new updates; we have recently added another resource category “Success Stories,” that we came up with by being inspired from one of our recent articles. They say that the secret of successful people is in their stories. If we have made impact on your success, we would love to hear from you … Continue reading It’s Important to Knock the Door

Somebody Sent Us a Question

And I almost deleted without reading it because it was on spam comments section…hahaha. The question was or is, this person wants to start a blog to share and write her or his experiences, and therefore wants to know how I got to established a successful blog. Basically this person wants to know how she … Continue reading Somebody Sent Us a Question