It is God that Gives Us Good Gifts

We are continuing with the subject of gifts, talents, and skills in biblical reference. We now know in whatever we do, we should work at it with all our hearts, as working for the Lord, and not for human masters, but also why it’s important to utilize our talents and gifts. Related: Work Diligently, Have … Continue reading It is God that Gives Us Good Gifts

Stumble Upon Success In Four Ways and Methods

If you are new to Helen Majaga International, I would like to welcome you. I have been praying for you that not only you will stumble upon, stop by, or subscribe, but through Helen Majaga International you will also find vital information that in one way or another will make a tremendous difference in your … Continue reading Stumble Upon Success In Four Ways and Methods

YouCount Magazine Seventh Edition

Our help, our help, comes from the Lord God Almighty (Psalm 121 | Isaiah 54:17). Victory belongs to King Jesus, Amen. Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:57). A lot of people don’t know how the importance of faith and having faith is. It’s a … Continue reading YouCount Magazine Seventh Edition

Not Everything That Glitters Is For You

Not every man or woman you meet and you look at them and say oh well, this individual is fine…hahaha, is yours. Life is not design such a way; it is called infidelity. There is nothing wrong of getting your own; career, possessions, spouse, and so on. This is what I have been praying, is … Continue reading Not Everything That Glitters Is For You

It’s Important to Knock the Door

We have got new updates; we have recently added another resource category “Success Stories,” that we came up with by being inspired from one of our recent articles. They say that the secret of successful people is in their stories. If we have made impact on your success, we would love to hear from you … Continue reading It’s Important to Knock the Door

Thank You and Welcome!

Very recently I just realized we haven’t official welcome our current subscribers, followers, readers, listeners, customers, etc. Thank you for subscribing and following us. Welcome Aboard! My name is Helen Majaga and I am a founder of Helen Majaga International. I want to take a moment to first personally thank you for joining us. Please … Continue reading Thank You and Welcome!

Okay…Valentine’s Story Time

Hahaha, I know right? I have to say I’m a love story sucker. One of my favorite Christian movies is the story of Esther, “One Night with the King.” Even though their union was part of God’s plan, but all it took is one night for the king to distinguish her from the rest…hahaha. What does … Continue reading Okay…Valentine’s Story Time

Wants and Needs

I recently watched this Valentine’s holiday movie online called “Valentine’s Again.” It tells that it was Valentine’s Day, and this main character lady was already successful in her career and she was also trying to make it in her love life. And as she was going to work that day, on her way accidentally she … Continue reading Wants and Needs

We Need God’s Help

I have noticed that there are a few creatives that I have come to know their work, they have stopped doing and pursuing what they have started. I visited their sites and I wondered what happened. I understand that life happens, and a lot have happened last year all over the world to contribute for … Continue reading We Need God’s Help

Three Systems That Can Help Change Our Lives

It’ almost Christmas, one of the most wonderful time of the year. I love Christmas guys. I love everything about Christmas. I love Christmas movies, songs, and its atmosphere. I love what it presents and all about. I love what it reminds us of; about love and the best and simple pleasures in life. If … Continue reading Three Systems That Can Help Change Our Lives