Ethics & Compliance

Anti-Corruption Initiatives 

At Helen Majaga International, we strive every day to earn the respect of our customers and clients based on the quality of our products and services as well as how we do business.

Helen Majaga International faces a wide range of business and compliance risks, including those associated with corruption. There is a process we follow in all operating units to identify, assess, and mitigate risks that may affect achievement of our performance objectives. Senior management is responsible for the implementation of mitigation plans, including those related to prevention of corruption. All allegations of corruption are promptly and thoroughly investigated, and, if verified, therefore will be reported to senior management for disciplinary and corrective action.

Helen Majaga International commitment to anti-corruption includes the following:

  • Corrupt Payments: Helen Majaga International conducts all of its business solely on the merits. We will not bribe anyone to obtain or retain business or secure any other advantage, nor allow anyone to do so for our benefit, in any market – public or private – anywhere.
  • Books and Records: A fundamental requirement of our Helen Majaga International operating system is the maintenance of fully accurate and transparent books and records. All assets, liabilities and transactions are promptly and accurately reflected. We do not make a deliberately false or misleading entry – no matter how small or immaterial – in our books and records.
  • Third-Party Intermediaries: Our third-party intermediaries are subject to similar rules and will be selected after a robust due diligence process aimed at confirming their good business practices. Intermediaries engaged in advocacy and sales on our behalf have limited term contracts (yearly contracts), which cannot be renewed without a refreshed assessment.
  • Training: Every new employee receives ethics and compliance training from their supervisor that specifically address corruption risk. Beyond the first year, employees will continue to receive annual anti-corruption training if they hold a position that presents a higher level of corruption risk.

In standing by and complying with our code of ethics and company policies, we fight corruption and support the global development of fair markets. Our success relies on abiding by our values – regardless of what might be seen as customary or acceptable in a given market.