We love to work and partner with brands on products, services, and events relating to our brand’s mission, vision, and values. We cover a spectrum of issues on productivity, leadership & management, relationships, Christian faith, personal, career, and business success psychology.


Our audiences profile is both male and female aged between 21 & 70 from various places of the world. Advertise your products, services, and events here at Helen Majaga International site, or on our quarterly digital PDF (HD) YouCount Magazine. 


Our audiences and subscribers’ numbers are progressively increasing each month. This means we are a good potential for more exposure to your business now and in the future.

On Helen Majaga International  blog page we post twice a week, one article and one podcast, and every day we continue to grow, and gain more and more audiences. We also have bonus posts here and there to inform our audiences about our ongoing special offers, news, and updates.


We frequently recommend the products, services, and events that we love, however, we will only share and recommend them, if we have already had the chance to try out those products and services, or attended those events, and if they will be of benefit to our audiences.

So if you’re interested, Contact Us, we would love to review your products and services. We aim to provide and offer our audiences better information and contents, and give our honest opinions.

Links to guides on our blog posts is $150 per post.   for more information on how you can work and partner with us.

Send us your product or service to our mailing address:

Helen Majaga International

P.O.Box 31461

Dar es Salaam


East Africa


We publish YouCount Magazine on quarterly basis; four times a year. Our readers can easily download and read it at their convenience time using their preferable digital device. Its printer friendly, our audiences can print it on their own if they would like to do so.

For all ads to appear on YouCount Magazine, refer to the following advertising rate card information:


Effective March 1, 2018

Special Position

Front Page Solo $1000
Back Page Solo $800
Front Page Strip $500
Back Page Strip $400
Center Spread Full $600
Center Spread Half $300

 Main Body Display

Full Page $500
Half Page $250
Quarter Page $125
Any inserts size below $75

 All Other Classifieds (per words & logo)

Less than 500 words $70
500 to 750 words $120
750 to 1000 words $150
More than 1000 words $170

* All artworks should be submitted in soft copies in either, or both of the following formats:

  • Microsoft Word (text only)
  • Jpeg (graphics should have 300dpi)

* Relevant content only 

* Prior booking required.

* Add 18% Value Added Tax (VAT) on our rates and prices.

* All our rates and prices are in USD.


You will never be asked to pay until:

  • You have been in contact with us to discuss your project.
  • You have agreed on the parameters and cost of our services.
  • Once we agree and begin, payments are non-refundable.

Contact us for more information and to request a quote. We are looking forward to working and partnering with you.

Your success is our success!