4 Qualities of Great Leaders

When you think of a great leader, who do you think of? Let me see; Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. George Washington, Julius K Nyerere, right…? Those people who are, or have sacrificed their lives for greater good. That’s why they are called great leaders, because they have had great influences on … Continue reading 4 Qualities of Great Leaders

Communication is a Two-way Street

There was this time I used to really misunderstand a colleague and a manager I used to work with. Our HQ was in another country therefore most of our communication would be through email, Skype, and sometimes through cell phone. Basically he would write something to me through email, and it would sound somehow displeasing … Continue reading Communication is a Two-way Street

Servant Leadership

Honestly, I am a kind of person if I see something in someone that is of good example, I may not have the gut sometimes to compliment in person, but I will surely notice it, and try to find an indirect way to let that person know. I have been very lucky to have some … Continue reading Servant Leadership