What Does It Mean to Have Guts to Succeed?

Well, it is true that successful people do have guts. You can call it courage, audacity, or bravery. In fact if you ask some of them, they will tell you when they were young, they were totally different. This proves to us that we can learn to become successful; it’s not something that is assured … Continue reading What Does It Mean to Have Guts to Succeed?

Overcoming our Fears

“Faith and fear both demand you believe in something you cannot see. You choose!” – Bob Proctor One thing that I like about watching crime-solving movies is that when the FBI or Police Force hear that there is a crime, problem, or situation somewhere, they usually jump and run to it as quickly as possible … Continue reading Overcoming our Fears

Failure is an Opportunity

I have failed several times in my life. I have had some very touchy periods and moments in my life. May be we will talk about them another time. But failure made me a conqueror…mmh..I am saying this because each time I failed, I got right back up. As I see it, failure is just … Continue reading Failure is an Opportunity