Implicit & Explicit Beliefs

Very recently I came across Dr. John Assaraf teaching video “How to set and achieve any goal you have in your life?” And he said that our beliefs have so much impact on whether or not we will achieve the goals we have set to achieve in life. He insisted that our beliefs and behaviors … Continue reading Implicit & Explicit Beliefs

How to Stay Motivated?

We all need to remind ourselves on a regular basis in order to stay motivated. There is this saying, “It is what it is.” Life is the same way; there are times it is what it is. So take your lemons, and make lemonade. Sometimes there can be so many discouragements surrounding us; therefore we … Continue reading How to Stay Motivated?

Successful People Value Their Time

  We all have 24 hours a day, but then there are some people who have been able to accomplish more than others, every day, every month, and every year. Of course, we can say that we all work hard. I mean, it can be true, we all work hard. But working hard or being … Continue reading Successful People Value Their Time

Do you have a Plan?

Soon after I started my online platform, “Helen Majaga International,” I thought I should registered the name also, because I wanted it to become a brand and place to serve and connect with people, and hopefully to be a channel that will open more opportunities for me as a writer and author, and other professional … Continue reading Do you have a Plan?