What’s Good Today?


Sometimes I like to re-visit my past, but maybe not like everybody would have re-visited their pasts. I like to look back at some of the good memories in my past, because there are a few of them that have kept me going even today as I say this. I also have a couple of promises from my past which I think they are very worthy to go back and think of them when I can, especially if they are my most incredible experiences and memories that I have yet to see them fulfilled in my life. Some of my most defining moments in my life happened in my past and that’s why I like to re-visit them to look for inspiration of how to overcoming few things of my today.

But I have learned about letting go of some of my past bad memories through my daily gratitude moments. At the end of each day I will come to a place where I will write down on my gratitude journal only good things that happened to me that day, and I am grateful for that day. So that at the end of the year I can go back and read my gratitude journal and remember all those good memories in details, and all those good things that I have been through, experienced, or done, and thank God for more to come. Continue reading “What’s Good Today?”