When We Don’t Know What To Pray

Yes, we are continuing with this series of the importance of prayers. Prayer is everything to us believers. In fact, the Lord Jesus emphasized so much on prayer, by even modeling it to us through His lifestyle. The Bible records there were time the Lord Jesus expected to find His disciples praying, but instead were … Continue reading When We Don’t Know What To Pray

In Appointed Time It Will Happen

Hi Friends, Pray for me and everybody concerning me, in my past, present, and future. If you are a Pastor, Brethren, or anyone who believes in GOD of the Bible, the Almighty GOD, the GOD of heaven and earth, our Creator and Maker, pray for me and my loved ones. I pray, whatever you pray … Continue reading In Appointed Time It Will Happen

Why We Must and Should Pray

Until you go through something and have been delivered from it, then you will realize why we must and should pray always. There are things and situations in this life especially in the spiritual realms that are going on, and unless you are a person who prays and relies in God, you will never know … Continue reading Why We Must and Should Pray

We Need God’s Help

I have noticed that there are a few creatives that I have come to know their work, they have stopped doing and pursuing what they have started. I visited their sites and I wondered what happened. I understand that life happens, and a lot have happened last year all over the world to contribute for … Continue reading We Need God’s Help

Praise and Thanksgiving

THANK YOU. MAY GOD BLESS YOU MORE. Happy Thanksgiving friends, readers, and listeners! I’m grateful for you. The Bible says that the Word of God is a seed that has a guarantee of harvest in the lives of those who will receive and believe it. In the book of Isaiah chapter 55, verse 10 to … Continue reading Praise and Thanksgiving

How to Initiate Change

We have heard this saying before, “You can’t change anyone; they have to want the change, and to change on their own.” I don’t know, maybe it’s just me; I have found out sometimes you need to go through a long process to adjust to the change you need to make. Many changes in my … Continue reading How to Initiate Change

Communication is a Two-way Street

There was this time I used to really misunderstand a colleague and a manager I used to work with. Our HQ was in another country therefore most of our communication would be through email, Skype, and sometimes through cell phone. Basically he would write something to me through email, and it would sound somehow displeasing … Continue reading Communication is a Two-way Street

In God We Trust

Before we go on I want you to know in case you didn’t know, money is a very great servant but a horrible master. I am not a financial adviser though I have some kind of finance background, so I think I can write such a statement about money adding with what I have learned … Continue reading In God We Trust

Failure is an Opportunity

I have failed several times in my life. I have had some very touchy periods and moments in my life. May be we will talk about them another time. But failure made me a conqueror…mmh..I am saying this because each time I failed, I got right back up. As I see it, failure is just … Continue reading Failure is an Opportunity