Our Priorities | There is Time for Everything

You probably heard the old saying “Being busy doesn’t not mean or equal being productive.” There is actually a difference between being busy and being productive. And the difference is going to determine how you manage your time to get so much out of life; being more productive and effective, living a balanced life, and … Continue reading Our Priorities | There is Time for Everything

The Beginner’s Mindset

What is the most effective mindset that is required in order to be a success? And the answer is, “A Beginner’s Mindset.” If you have a beginner’s mindset, you are all set, and good to go to become a successful person. So, why is important to have the beginner’s mindset? Curiosity Well, it’s because people … Continue reading The Beginner’s Mindset

Friendship | The Making & Breaking

As I have gotten older, I have learned that some people will do things to earn your trust and get close to you so that they can use you, or ruin you into pieces. And man…it hurts, when you found out someone you trusted wasn’t really worthy of your trust all this time, all because … Continue reading Friendship | The Making & Breaking

What If Leadership Meant Learning?

One day I was at home, inside the house, and my younger brother, about four years younger than me was playing soccer with some neighborhood kids outside. Some of those kids were also my friends and of the same age. I was about 12 years old I think. But then, I heard loud cheering noises … Continue reading What If Leadership Meant Learning?