Do It Repeatedly # Episode 53

The Bible says in the book of Psalm chapter 1 verses 1 to 3 that when we meditate on God’s Word day and night we become like trees planted by the streams of water whose leaves do not wither and bring fruits in their seasons, and whatever we do shall prosper. In this episode 53 … Continue reading Do It Repeatedly # Episode 53

4 Crucial Habits of Most Successful People

If you can get your habits right, you can get some things right, hahaha. Your habits can influence your progress in life. Our habits have a lot to do in helping us succeeding in all our endeavors. Remember, success leaves clues. There are four crucial habits most successful people practice that we can learn and … Continue reading 4 Crucial Habits of Most Successful People

Implicit & Explicit Beliefs

Very recently I came across Dr. John Assaraf teaching video “How to set and achieve any goal you have in your life?” And he said that our beliefs have so much impact on whether or not we will achieve the goals we have set to achieve in life. He insisted that our beliefs and behaviors … Continue reading Implicit & Explicit Beliefs

Set Yourself Up for Success

In dating relationships getting a date and start dating is the easiest part of them all when it comes to being in a relationship with someone. It’s a tiny part or small part of your big success. I think the hardest part in order to have successful relationships in any relationship is to keep that … Continue reading Set Yourself Up for Success