Three Answers to the Few Important Questions the World Can Throw to Us

There are some great lessons concerning all arenas of life from the Bible. Most of life‘s answers to the many important questions the world can throw to us, perhaps all of them, they can be found on many of these Bible passages, and The Lord Jesus’ teachings. For instance; let us go over the book … Continue reading Three Answers to the Few Important Questions the World Can Throw to Us

May God Help Us to See and Think Outside the Box

Let’s start by reading the book of Mark chapter 8 verses 11 to 26: Pharisees Demand a Miraculous Sign When the Pharisees heard that Jesus had arrived, they came and started to argue with Him. Testing Him, they demanded that He show them a miraculous sign from heaven to prove His authority. When He heard … Continue reading May God Help Us to See and Think Outside the Box

Our Priorities | There is Time for Everything

You probably heard the old saying “Being busy doesn’t not mean or equal being productive.” There is actually a difference between being busy and being productive. And the difference is going to determine how you manage your time to get so much out of life; being more productive and effective, living a balanced life, and … Continue reading Our Priorities | There is Time for Everything

The Power of Our Words

Do you know that every thought we think and every word we speak is just another kind of affirmation that we may affirm to others and ourselves? It’s not only our thoughts that have power in our lives, but also our words, the ones we write or the ones we utter perhaps have more influence … Continue reading The Power of Our Words

Let Hope Rise

Many of us in our today put our hope in wrong places. We put our hope and trust in wealth, our successful careers, our long-term relationships, or in our established statuses. But that is like putting hope and our trust in our sandcastles, any minute our feet or somebody else’s feet can crush them. And … Continue reading Let Hope Rise

The Beginner’s Mindset

What is the most effective mindset that is required in order to be a success? And the answer is, “A Beginner’s Mindset.” If you have a beginner’s mindset, you are all set, and good to go to become a successful person. So, why is important to have the beginner’s mindset? Curiosity Well, it’s because people … Continue reading The Beginner’s Mindset

Friendship | The Making & Breaking

As I have gotten older, I have learned that some people will do things to earn your trust and get close to you so that they can use you, or ruin you into pieces. And man…it hurts, when you found out someone you trusted wasn’t really worthy of your trust all this time, all because … Continue reading Friendship | The Making & Breaking

Pray About IT First | Importance of Prayers

I am a just a woman who believes that God exists. I am a born-again Christian, who is in the same boat as other fellow Christians who are on the same journey to find out more about their Creator, to live the life that we have been called to live, and experience the Love, Mercy, … Continue reading Pray About IT First | Importance of Prayers

The Blessings of Giving

If you are an African, then you know, in some African countries, it’s normal to live with your extended family. I remember when I was young before my parents got divorced, we used to live with different family members, and because our family tree is so big, I told myself I was going to know … Continue reading The Blessings of Giving

The Law of Cause and Effect

  When I first realized I was not really getting the results I wanted, I figure out there must be something wrong, either with me, or in my life. I was willing to change but with my old mindset and programming that I have developed since my childhood, what I have been told, taught, and … Continue reading The Law of Cause and Effect