The Kingdom Of GOD In Series

“The Kingdom Of GOD In Series” also known as “Denouncing and Rebuking Evil Foundation Course” is a twelve-article series about the foundation problems that we may go through that we need to tear down. In this series, we identify these foundation problems and deal with them from their root causes so that we can stop their effects and their evil and negative cycles and patterns to re-appear in our lives.

The Bible says in the book of Isaiah chapter 54 verse 17 that “No weapon forged against us will prevail, and we will refute every tongue that accuses us. This is our heritage as servants of the LORDand this is our vindication from HIM,” declares the LORD.”

Get ready to praying, denouncing, and rebuking evil spirits and demonic forces that are behind these physical and spiritual problems that may have been attacking some of us in the Mighty Name of JESUS, and as well as washing them away from us by the Blood of JESUS. Take your Bible, a pen and notebook for taking notes. You can study and go through the series on daily basis or weekly basis.

Article One: Reign JESUS Reign

Sometimes it’s good to know what we are fighting against in order to overcome it. We go through the following three notorious demonic and evil forces; Python spirit or the false HOLY SPIRIT, Anti-CHRIST spirit, and Leviathan spirit or the king of pride.

Article Two: JESUS Is LORD

Some of these evil spirits are easy to understand because their names are so obvious.  Some of them they are called after the name of the person who revealed the demonic characters. In this article you will learn about the Jezebel spirit, also known as the spirit sent to steal, kill, and destroy.

Article Three: Redeemed By The Blood Of JESUS

We discuss and learn about mammon spirit. This spirit has to do with the love of money over God. Basically Mammon is the god and spirit of the excessive love over material things and possessions, and the love of money. The god of greed.

Article Four: Rescue Us From All Temptations And Evil

We learn about another form of lying spirit that called the spirit of deception. This spirit can trick you out of the Will of GOD and challenge you whether GOD really said about something that you have been holding and treating as truth.

Article Five: Your Name Is YAHWEH, Miracle Working GOD

We discuss about the Spirit of Beelzebul or Beelzebub, or Baal. This spirit is identified as satan in the form of, and as the ruler of demons. There are powers working in darkness in this world that people think they are normal, but these powers can be exposed when the Light of GOD appears.

Article Six: You’re Worthy LORD

In this article we learn about a religious spirit or Pharisaism spirit. This spirit basically is about self-righteousness and defilement of the Word of GOD. If you are familiar with the Pharisees in the Bible then you are probably aware of this spirit.

Article Seven: On JESUS CHRIST The Solid Rock We Stand

We learn clearly that GOD doesn’t want to share His honor that belongs to Him with idols and false gods. God wants us to repent and turn back to Him. In the book of 1 John chapter 1 verse 9, it says that “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

Article Eight: GOD’s Way Leads To Life

We discuss the spirit of rejection and the spirit of failure at the edge of success. Both of these spirits are destiny waster spirits. They make life harder than it really is with unnecessary hindrances.

Article Nine: GOD Is Our Helper

We go through the spirit of fear, worry, and anxiety. They kind of relate, and the fact is that anxiety and worry are rooted in fear. So basically we are going to discuss more in details about the spirit of fear but as well as learn it’s associates which are spirit of worry and anxiety.

Article Ten: We Shall Overcome

We discuss about the spirit of heaviness and heavy burden. In other Bible translations they call it a faint spirit or a spirit of despair, or hopelessness.

Article Eleven: Save Us LORD, No More Oppression

The spirit of Pharaoh is a representation of the spirit of bondage, slavery, oppression, stubbornness, denial, recurring affliction, and hard-hardheartedness. It is also any stubborn spirit that chases you around, anywhere you go to bring you back to bondage.

Article Twelve: Repent And Draw Near To GOD

We discuss about curses and generational curses. Some of us are affected greatly because of them. Good news is that we can take authority given to us through the Lord Jesus Christ, and rebuke these spirits and curses.

Article Thirteen: Break Every Chain LORD

We learn the consequences of the curse of Cain. GOD punished Cain because of what he did. In this life there are some consequences when we don’t obey GOD’s instructions. And some of these consequences could even affect generation after generation.

Article Fourteen: LORD Help Us Overcome Unbelief And Doubt

We are going through the spirit of unbelief and doubt and look at their difference and what the Word Of GOD says about the danger of unbelief and doubt.


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