You Have So Much Value To Give Series

“You Have So Much Value To Give Series” is a seven-article series, an eye-opener to help you realize how much potential you have. We all have so much value to give and offer. You will discover why it’s important to focus on your strengths and to use both your external or hard skills, and internal or soft skills to maximize your success.

Article One: How To Increase The Value You Carry

If we want to be successful in life, we need to increase the value we carry. And we learn about this in our workplaces; it’s all about the value we carry.

Article Two: The Concept Of Adding Value

If you want to be successful in business, your career, or few other endeavors in your life, you need to think in terms of adding value. We usually get paid because we are hired to help or assist by offering something depending on the skills, experiences, and knowledge we have, which in other words we are paid to add value.

Article Three: You Have More Value To Give Than You Think

In marketing there are two kinds of skills that you must use together in order to attract your ideal clients or customers. There are external or hard skills, and internal or soft skills.

Article Four: Three Lessons Concerning Giving People Value

These three tips are simple, but very effective. They can make a lot of difference to your customer’s experiences, your employees, but also your company or organization.

Article Five: Focus More On Your Strengths

The answer is very simple; your strengths bring the best out of you. You have to know you and to know your strengths.

Article Six: Use Your Core Strengths To Your Advantage

When you focus on working on what you are good at, not only you likely succeed at it, but you find greater long-term enjoyment.

Article Seven: Where Do You Think You Shine The Most?

You don’t want to give solutions to people who have no problems. You don’t want sell electricity for instance in a city or region where they prefer to use solar power instead.


To your success,

Helen Majaga